Favorite Philly Music Venues


Philly is an 👏 INCREDIBLE 👏 city for music, it goes without saying. There is always a show you can catch of an awesome local band or of a big artist coming through town. And with such an array of fantastic musical talent in Philly, there are quite a few great venues to see a show. Today, my concert aficionado pals Kerry and Val are taking over the blog and are sharing their favorite Philly music venues. So here it is, from the mouths of the experts themselves…



Union Transfer (Their mutual favorite venue) –  First off, it’s an old pasta factory (oh wow I’ve been telling everyone it was a church…). It’s so cool but it doesn’t try too hard to be cool – they own their vibe. The balconies are a huge plus – we love hanging over the side of them – and it gives a different feel of the show. No matter where you’re standing, you’ll always have a good view of the show.

Jukebox the Ghost at Union Transfer

Ortlieb’s (Kerry) – I love dive bars, so obviously I love Ortlieb’s. PLUS, they have tacos and burritos. The back room is awesome, it’s very intimate. The couch seating on the side is a major plus. It’s just such an awesome hub of local Philly music.



Kung Fu Necktie (Kerry) – It feels like someone’s living room; and I love that. It’s like you’re hanging out and seeing a friend play.

TLA (Val) – I like it because from the minute you get there, there’s an exciting energy; I just love the whole vibe of it. The artists who go there are so varied – you have really well-known artists and lesser-known artists play there. You can see any type of show. The sound quality is always good there, too. It seems like touring artists have nostalgic feelings toward this venue, too.

Eric Hutchinson at the TLA

Some other favs: The Fillmore/Foundry, World Cafe Live and the Tower Theater.

Jukebox the Ghost at World Cafe Live
Bastille at the Fillmore
Harry Styles at The Tower


What are YOUR favorite Philly concert venues? Let us know!


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