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This post was originally featured on the Little Box Rocks blog, but I also wanted to share it here. I also did a fun Instagram giveaway with LBOR (congrats to winner Brynn!) of one of their beautiful crystal boxes. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I have a bit of an affinity for crystals, and a few of my friends have been interested in them, too. This type of post might not be everyone’s cup tea, but I hope you’ll enjoy checking it out!

I’ve been fascinated by crystals for as long as I can remember. I loved collecting nature’s treasures as a kid – pebbles, shells, and of course, crystals. Within the past two years, I really began researching more about them and their properties. It’s been so much fun learning about crystals and sharing my passion with friends. I am very excited to share my love for crystals with you and to chat about some of my favorite ones to work with that promote and enhance creativity.


Occasionally, I fall into a bit of a creative rut, whether at work or while blogging. We’ve all felt this way at one time or another. Sometimes it’s a struggle to find the inspiration and motivation to complete (or begin) a project. Self-doubt can also creep in, which can leave you feeling unsure and hesitant about your creative abilities. When feeling creatively drained inevitably happens, I try to find ways to feel re-inspired and invigorated. We all have our own ways of doing this. Stepping away from a project for a bit or taking a walk can reset your mind and re-focus your energy to help you delve back into what it is you’re working on. Jotting down a list of goals and ideas is an additional way to do this, there is something about seeing your ideas written down on paper that really puts things into perspective. Working with crystals is another wonderful way to recapture lost creativity.


Similar to how a work of art or a song can inspire us, crystals can have a similar effect. Coming in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, crystals inspire and excite us. Here are some of my favorite crystals I like to use to help with creativity:

Citrine – The golden Citrine is a fantastic crystal to work with, especially when it comes to manifesting creativity. It’s properties of providing happiness, optimism and inspiration makes it an ideal crystal to keep in your work space. It is known to enhance your self-expression and help you gain a sense of clarity! Personally, this is my favorite stone to work with.


Amethyst – Perhaps stress is what’s keeping your creative juices from flowing. Amethyst is all about finding calm and balance. Attract a sense of tranquility and ease your anxiety by placing this beautiful violet stone near you while you are working. Plus it is great to keep at your bedside or under your pillow to aid in sleep!


Red Jasper – Give yourself a dose of confidence and clear away any self-doubt with Red Jasper. Red Jasper is known for providing the determination and focus needed to accomplish a project. It is also often used to open and balance the Root Chakra which can help you find a sense of security and grounding.

red jasper
Red Jasper

Quartz – Your “all-purpose” crystal to tap into your creativity and overall best spiritual self. Clear Quartz has so many benefits! Ward off any negative energy or thoughts to get a clear, focused mind.

Clear Quartz

Where to keep your creativity crystals? I like to keep a crystal on my desk or by my nightstand while working on a blog post. Even while doing some final edits to this post, I have a lovely piece of Clear Quartz next to me. Add one or a few to your office, studio or work space – they’re a beautiful addition to any space. It can also help to meditate with your creativity crystals.


A special and wonderful part about crystal collecting is finding the ones that you are drawn to. You might even say that they find you! Perhaps you walk into a crystal shop and find one that you are particularly attracted to and feel a strong connection to, absolutely go for it! You should work with crystals that bring YOU joy and inspiration! <3

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