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My affinity for Fearless Restaurants is absolutely no secret here on the blog – I’ve been a massive fan of their locations for quite a few years now. I’ve been very fortunate to have partnered with them at several of their restaurants, including last night at one of Philadelphia’s highly-anticipated new restaurants – Louie Louie in University City.


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It’s funny, there are a ton of amazing restaurants in University City, but I rarely go there for dinner. But that’s definitely about to change now, as my pal Ellie and I vowed to spend more time here.

The newly opened Louie Louie is an American bistro with a French influence. Attached to the Hilton Inn at Penn, its outdoor seating evokes the feeling of being on a Parisian street. And what better time to celebrate all things French (cc: the World Cup and Bastille Day)?


Walking in, you’re immediately drawn to the 70s/Studio 54-inspired decor. I would be remiss not to mention that the decor is an absolute Instagram fever-dream (yes, I said fever-dream people!). Rohe Creative are the geniuses behind the gorgeous interiors, and have also designed some of my other favorite places in the city. Have a look for yourself:




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As we sat down and fawned over the interiors, our fantastic waiter Bruce (hi Bruce!) mentioned that we absolutely needed to return for lunch (the Croque Madame is excellent!). It was also mentioned that brunch is available, too. From start to finish, the food, service and atmosphere was nothing short of exceptional.

For appetizers: Spanish octopus, bacon-wrapped dates, a baguette and olives. Along with glasses of wine from their expansive wine list, we were in heaven.



For dinner: Zucchini pasta for me and the French dip sandwich for Ellie, which she loved. Let me just talk about the Zucchini pasta for the sec – I could easily eat that for dinner every night. The broth was so savory; absolutely perfect for soaking the remaining of our baguette in. See the full dinner menu here (pulled from a Philly Mag article).



And for dessert, a very tasty lemon tart.


Bon appétit! Thank you to Fearless, and congrats on a beautiful new restaurant!



Louie Louie comped our meals; all opinions are my own.

6 responses to “Bonjour Louie Louie”

  1. Sara Abate Avatar
    Sara Abate

    What a fabulous and exciting new restaurant to try before the word gets out to fast , decor looks so inviting but not as much as the food , that sounds delish. Thanks Camille go always keeping us in the loop 🍷🍝

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thank you for reading Mimi! <3

  2. PhillyBite Avatar

    Louie Louie is a must try, love the article and photos

    1. Camille Avatar

      Agreed! The zucchini pasta was seriously out of this world. Thank you for reading!

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