Philly’s Siravo: Ten years on and still making waves


Today on the blog, we’re checking out another awesome Philly-based band! Siravo, the Philadelphia-based band with New Jersey roots, combines aggressive hard rock with meaningful melodies, creating a familiar yet unique sound. Their signature blaring guitars, pounding drum beats, and soaring vocals strike an emotional chord within the listener. Siravo’s mission is simple: to create music that is both identifiable and self-reflective.

While Siravo has been taking the stage for over 10 years now, this past month has been huge for them. Over a six week period, the band has been releasing 5 new singles and will drop full length album (their 3rd album overall). Every Friday in August, the band dropped a new song – “Down”, “25 or 6 to 4” (cover song), “The Restless and The Mad”, “I Wanna Know”, and just yesterday, they released “In This Moment”. And on September 7, the Siravo will release their album, “The Restless & The Mad”. The singles and the album are distributed globally by Unable Music Group, and will be available on all major retailers and streaming services.

Congrats guys!

Check out their video for Down below:

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