Relaxing Gift Guide

Originally posted in December 2017 and has been slightly updated for 2018

So I did mention in my last blog post that I wanted to take a bit of a blogging/social media break during the holidays, but I did want to get at least a gift guide post up! And it’s currently snowing in Philly, and I’m cozied up with a cup of coffee watching a critically-acclaimed Hallmark holiday movie, so what better time to work on a post?


In this post you’ll find a some holistic and cruelty-free gift ideas! These gifts are all about relaxation, self-care and enhancing spiritual practice. So no matter what you celebrate this season, I hope this post helps you out on your gift-giving quest.

gifts on gifts

Looking for more ideas? Check out my cruelty-free beauty products list!

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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