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I am thrilled to be ending this blog hiatus with today’s Person of Interest interview, the wonderful Francesca Ragucci. Francesca came into my life about a year ago, and I’m so happy to be able to consider her a friend and confidant. Francesca is the founder of Francesca Ragucci Marketing, a marketing agency focused on social media marketing, brand identity, email marketing, website design and management, photography and advertising. Francesca has been an incredible source of inspiration to me, from seeing her work ethic, receiving her sage advice, and even her podcast recommendations. Meet Francesca!


Hi Francesca! To start off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

The story starts off in college where I had an epiphany that there was something else out there for me, a greater journey to be of service. My instincts then told me to hone the energy for my craft in creativity and thought-provoking patterns to a central form. At that moment, my path directed me onto an entrepreneurial journey. When it came to earning myself a lifestyle, I had a knack for doing it all myself. With babysitting children of multiple families in a week in high school and college, to a photography business on the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, to now my pride and joy business, Francesca Ragucci Marketing, all explorations are a testament the mindset of courage and discipline.

At our core, my business partners with clients from Los Angeles to Boston to redefine their reputation by garnering relationships through distinct visuals and a cohesive message. Our clients have courage in their actions and integrity in their work. We use tools like Social Media and the client’s website to take those who matter to them on a journey of their business. We go in-depth on our client’s personality and the experience they give their clients to give them a message and visuals that represent them.


What inspired you to create your own business?

I’m only given this opportunity, therefore, I took the vital time towards the end of my college journey to fully embrace entrepreneurship. From starting my first website to gaining my first client partnership, inspiration comes in many forms. It is a constant evolution of change. The foundational piece of inspiration and what is true today is the word ‘freedom’. Freedom is my true inspiration for owning my business and embracing this life. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning and excites me throughout the day to change my clients’ lives. In fact, I wrote the word freedom in red marker on white paper when I was in college and still keep it in my desk today. Every morning and every time I open the drawer, the word freedom stands out.

What is something you’re extremely proud of?  

My YouTube documentation ‘In Progress’ is giving me an outlet to explore new creative realms. ‘In Progress’ is the documentation of my life as an entrepreneur. As a viewer, you get to see me in meetings with clients, at speaking engagements, business opportunities, and much more. The journey of documenting is allowing me to become more open in my speech and in my personality. New confidence is growing within me, especially on camera. Recording myself on video allows me to talk to clients through my heart instead of mechanically through my head. What I mean by this is as opposed to planning out the perfect sentence I am feeling the energy of the moment.


What is your client’s mindset as they start to work with Francesca Ragucci Marketing?

My clients have courage in their actions and integrity in their work. When a client first requests my business and at our first consultation they have an understanding of what my business will bring to them. They know that by using social media those who matter to them in business will witness their business activity and advocate for them on a large scale. The fortune of partnerships, business opportunities, and press gains way through public exposure. Our clients keep an open mind with entrusting my business to execute campaigns of quality.

How are you impacting your clients?

My clients are individuals who are well-known and influential in their industry and geographic location. They come into a partnership with Francesca Ragucci Marketing with a wealth of relationships and a prominent reputation. Given the clout of our clients, we work exclusively with them to re-define the way their current clients and those who matter to them in business perceive them. With the opportunities of press publications, interviews, speaking engagements, and an array of projects, we give them a sophisticated, strategic marketing plan to present these attributions on social media. I am grateful to say that I am in a state of delight and honor to work with each one of my clients.

Francesca Ragucci


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Thank you Francesca!

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