Everything You Should Know About Using Hair Oils

Thanks to Kira Kolosova for her guest post on the blog today, all about hair care!

Everything you should know about using hair oils for your hair

Hey guys! Today we’re chatting about using oils for our hair. We all want to look good, because looking our best means feeling our best. From adding color to our hair, to using curling tongs and straighteners to style our hair, there are so many ways we create our own personal style. But these treatments can cause damage to our hair without us even meaning to! I’m sharing some tips and tricks using oils like coconut oil for hair care, plus you can read here to find out more oil benefits too!


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Do you need to prepare oils before using them?

You might be wondering how easy it is to use oils like tea tree oil or coconut oil for hair care. Using oils to care for your hair is not a new concept, and many can be used as they are. However, I do have a couple of top tips to make sure you’re using these oils safely:

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What are the top uses for oils like coconut oil for hair care?

Oils such as tea tree oil, coconut oil and others are so versatile. I could spend all day telling you the benefits and uses of these oils, but instead I’ll share a few top ways you can use oils to care for you precious locks.

Argan oil is full of fabulous hair health benefits thanks to antioxidants and vitamin E. It is the perfect oil if you have frizzy or brittle hair. Rubbing a little into the palms of your hands and using this on the ends of your hair is great way to anti-frizz dry or damp hair. It can also be used every day as it is a less greasy oil than other options. 

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I really hope this gives you all the top tips and information you need to use oils like coconut oil for hair care and keep your hair in the best condition! 

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