Finding Sanity in Center City at the Stress Less Space

Ah stress, how to defeat thee. How do we completely banish you and rid of you forever? As much as I’ve tried to condemn you and the icky feelings you give me, you’ll never be something I can truly rid myself of. There will always be to-do lists, things to deal with, and sleep that will be missed. However, while I can’t completely exile you, what I can do is manage you the best I can.

While I don’t go into explicit detail, I strive to be open and honest about my struggles with anxiety and depression here on the blog and social media. I dedicate time – whether it’s through therapy, exercise, etc – to better manage and heal my racing thoughts, and this involves finding new places and experts who can aid in that. And with this blog, I want to help other women do that same in any way I can.

Enter The Stress Less Space here in Philadelphia. This space aims to do exactly as its name suggests -to stress less. It’s “an intentional space located in Center City Philadelphia for women to recharge and relax away from the chaos of everyday life”.

So how does it work? Members have unlimited sessions and they reward women who commit to longer term memberships (i.e. $197/monthly with no contract, $147/month with a 3 month commitment, $97/month with a 6 month commitment). Members can use the space for things such as time to decompress, napping, reading, making personal phone calls, etc. In addition to space access, members also get access to exclusive online training library as well as access to their private community, little free library, complimentary tea and more. I acknowledge the price of this space, but before you write it off, keep on readin’…

Tip: If you’re on the fence or are curious, you can sign up for a free session here. They encourage women to experience the space for free before signing up as members.

An intentional space located in Center City Philadelphia for women to recharge and relax away from the chaos of everyday life.

I stopped by to meet with the wonderful founder Carlee Myers and for an initial walk-through of the space before I had my first legitimate session (if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this on my story a few weeks ago). The cozy room comes equipped with everything you might need to help you de-stress. A comfy couch to nap on. Books to help you escape. Tissues for a good cry. A noise machine to take your mind to the beach. Paper and pens to jot down your racing thoughts. The blue tones throughout the room provide a sense of serenity and calmness.

The “house books” which always remain in the space. Carlee tells me they’re some of the “Bibles” in the world of mindfulness and wellness.

A week later, I returned for my first, full session. It began with me writing down how I was feeling on a form (see photo below) and having an open dialogue with Carlee. I felt completely safe and at ease with her – she has a warm, caring, and comforting energy to her (once you meet her you’ll immediately know what I mean). She helped me understand what was causing my discomfort and suggested how I could spend my next 40 minutes easing that discomfort. I absolutely loved this portion for my first session – it allowed me to process my thoughts and feelings.

The form presented at my first session

After a ten minute chat discussing about how I was feeling, why I was feeling at that way, and ways I could remedy those feelings, I had the room to myself for the next 40 minutes to do whatever I pleased. How did I spend that time? I read a short book on mindfulness, journaled (this was particularly therapeutic) and had a good cry. I have to say, I was amazed with just 40 minutes how much I was able to do and how I was able to heal. Overall, I had a fantastic experience in the Stress Less Space.

The Stress Less Space has Little Free Library, where participants can take a book and leave a book.

I’m also excited to share that coming this spring, The Stress Less Space will be hosting a women’s wellness event, and I’m thrilled to be working with them on it. Please stay tuned for details! In the meantime, give them a follow on Instagram here.

Thank you to Carlee and to The Stress Less Space for allowing me to come visit this beautiful place in the middle of our city <3 This world is hectic, and you deserve to take care of yourself in the best ways that you know how.

Disclaimer: My session was complimentary in exchange for promotion on social media and on my blog. All opinions are my own.

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