Vegan delights at The Greyhound Cafe

Dinner with friends on a Friday night, with good wine and food, is one of life’s most simple and beautiful pleasures. Conversing over apps, sipping on chilled Pinot Grigio, while comparing stories from college nights out – there’s simply nothing better. The coziness-level of these nights is only amplified and that much better (to me at least) when there’s a chill in the air. I’m grateful to have had a night like this at a fantastic restaurant this past weekend.

The Greyhound Cafe is a BYOB restaurant which reinterprets Italian, Mexican, and brunch-styled dining that is 100% plant-based. I went to Greyhound Cafe’s first location in Malvern a few years ago for brunch (which is also amazing), and this weekend I went back with friends for dinner at their new Francisville location.

I am not vegan, but I often will order the vegan or vegetarian option if one is available on a menu. Greyhound’s head chef and owner Joseph Solar has created a menu that will please even the most voracious of carnivorous.

The restaurant itself is cozy, and at night the dim lights and candles supply a romantic setting. Local art adorns the wall, which is also available for purchase.

Full disclaimer – Greyhound Cafe is owned by my friend Jaime’s stepdad, and he is also the head chef. With that now being known, you’re obviously expecting a biased post, but wow, the hype I’m about to provide is real.

And now for our meal…

The seitan wings were my absolute favorite item that we ate – and that’s amongst a slew of delicious dishes. Buzzfeed took note of how delicious these vegan wings are, too. When you go, you must get these as a starter, I can’t emphasize this enough!

The Greyhound Salad, with homemade caesar dressing prepared with pico de gallo, corn tortilla chips, and cheese – beef, chicken, or portabella
The drool-worthy Impossible Sliders
Penne alla Vodka
Rigatoni Salsiccia Fra Diavolo. You would truly never know that you’re not eating Italian sausage

The next stop at the Greyhound will include a full deep dive into their pizzas. Cheers to really good friends and to feeling good about the food we’re eating.

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