FemFocused: Philadelphia Author Lucinda Mack

Welcome to another FemFocused interview! I believe this is the first time an author has ever been featured on the blog. Today, we’re chatting with local author Lucinda Mack, whose debut novel Nightsticks & Negligees is about to be released. She is also a poet, and was kind enough to share one of her pieces with us.

Hi Lucinda, welcome to Positive Publicity. Thank you so much for speaking with me. To kick things off, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Actually, I was born and raised in an area on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.  When I was young, it was full of luscious landscapes with farms littering the scenery.

The area has since grown and has become a mega shopping district. It is called “King of Prussia, PA.”

When I was about 9, I was felled by a combination of illnesses. Scarlett fever, rheumatic fever, Rocky Mountain Tick Disease and juvenile arthritis overcame me and my body was paralyzed from the waist down.  For three years I languished in bed without the benefit of companionship because the doctors were not sure if I was contagious. No friends or family, other than my parents and grandparents, were allowed to visit. 

Being alone became oppressive; I asked for pen and paper and began to write.  I created my playmates and their playgrounds. My imagination and writing allowed me to thrive through the challenges of solitary confinement, and weekly visits by our parish priest who yearned to administer last rites.  

One day, I felt the urge to get up.  I concentrated on wiggling my toes and then my legs.

Finally, I put it in my head to stand and walk. That is exactly what I did and never looked back.

That is an incredible story, thank you so much for sharing that with us. Let’s also talk about your new book. Your debut novel book, Nightsticks & Negligees, is about to be released – congratulations! Can you tell us what this book is about?

It is a murder, mystery, detective, crime thriller about life with all the strings attached.

Two female detectives, from different worlds, struggle to solve crimes as they come to terms with who they are and what they represent to themselves, their jobs and each other.

Its plots and subplots twist through mazes of horrific murders and abductions. It deals with the impact such transgressions have on the families of the fallen as well as the investigators.   My novel follows in the footpaths of these two women as they explode onto the scenes of the crimes to find the perpetrators. Poetry and passion help them through the dramas of their relationships and their investigations.

Nightsticks & Negligees was written in honor of friends and family you lost within the LGBTQ community. I admire this very much. On a societal level, what do you hope to achieve with this book? 

I want it to ignite understanding, hope, compassion and empathy among mankind.  After all, we are all unique pieces of life’s universal puzzle. In my humble opinion, most people don’t want to be outcasts; they would much rather be appreciated, loved and accepted by those around them.

What is your writing process like – could you give us a glimpse into your writing process? What inspires your writing? 

It is organic.  I don’t look for it; it just evolves and blows through me. This book was inspired by the music of Pride and Prejudice which starred Keira Knightly. When I heard the score for the first time, I was literally swept away.  The creative process was further enhanced by the Netflix movie, Slasher which starred Katie McGrath. The cadence of the music and the oddities of the murders made me run to my laptop. My heart pounded and my heart skipped as the story flamed to life.

Sometimes, music sets my mind tossing and my senses glowing.  At other times, it could be the moon casting shadows on the ground or the sound of chirping birds that makes my spirit soar. It is part of who I am, and I have learned to accept the process.

You are also a poet – would you share one of your poems with us? 

This is a recent poem inspired by music:

Blister me with your kisses.

Scour me with your hands.

Oh come to me tonight,

and help me understand.

The power of our madness;

Sun bursts running through our souls.

Just simply let me love you.

Let our spirits take tight hold.

Come to me this evening;

pound upon my door.

Express each of your feelings

and I promise to endure.

I see your rapture burning.

I feel your sweet amore.

I beg of you to hold me and love me evermore.

Without you I am lifeless; just a carcass in the sand.

But when your love is with me,

I can walk and run and stand.

That is gorgeous, thank you Lucinda. Where can we find you, and where can we purchase Nightsticks & Negligees?

You can find me on my domain page: www.lucindamack.com

My book is not yet available but should be coming out in December.  It will be available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and most major retailers.

Thank you Lucinda! Positive Publicity is committed to supporting female creatives, and I’m grateful for creatives like Lucinda for speaking with me.

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