Philly Finds Vol. 10

Welcome to Philly Finds numero TEN. This new month has me feeling some type of way. As of recent, I’ve been experiencing a WONDERFUL burst of creative energy and I’m going to harness it for as long as it is willing to stick around. I used to be very harsh on myself when I was stuck in a creative rut (OK, still can be), but I’m learning to not get so hung up when it happens. But for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying this time of inspired writing and photography. This burst has also created a renewed sense of exploration of this city.

As always with Philly Finds, nothing here is sponsored (ya gurl would tell if you if so, all about that disclosure life) and all opinions are my own.

Pretty Green Terrariums on South Street

My roommate Ellie and I are frequently chatting about how we can incorporate more greenery into our apartment. How lucky are we that a new plant shop opened nearby? Owners Holden and Jeremy are extremely knowledgable about the wide variety of plants in the store. Confer with them and you’ll know that you’re leaving with the best new, leafy friend for you. Bonus: Visit to meet Zoe the dog

Drink for a good cause

Make The World Better, a charity founded by Connor Barwin, believes that communities prosper when all people have access to high-quality, accessible, fun places to play and gather. They recently partnered with Yards brewery to create a beer, and a portion of proceeds go back to the community! Last pic for places where you can grab this brew and drink for a good cause. My friend Val and I were invited to Yards to check it out, and we both agree that the lager is delicious and an ideal fall beverage.

Thrifting on wheels

As evidenced in a recent post, I’m attempting to turn more to thrift and vintage stores for outfits. Retro Rewind is a vintage and thrift fashion mobile truck, and they’re bringing to the streets men and women clothing and accessories. I picked up this yellow, patterned, high-neck silk shirt, and owner Tia made me feel like a fierce queen while trying on clothes. Give them a follow on Instagram to see where they’ll be next.

The Ripplewood in Ardmore

My good gal pal (and Yelp elite member) Kerry is constantly scouring the interwebs for the best in Philly dining. She recently visited Ripplewood in Ardmore (by way of a Craig LaBan review), and raved about it. My mans and I ventured out of the city and made the trek to see what the fuss was all about. My hands were too consumed on devouring everything in sight to snap more than one pic (below), but I can tell you what we ordered:

* = heaven in food form

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