finding confidence in your work.

There was a time I was quite frankly embarrassed to say that I ran a “Philly lifestyle blog” when meeting new people. At the time it seemed silly; I felt childish promoting my lil blog. “Ugh, another wannabe ~influencer~,” I would imagine people were thinking when I mentioned Positive Publicity.

This was my own insecurity talking back to me. And even if people did think that, it didn’t matter.

Recently at a coffee shop while doing work, after taking a sip of my Americano, I confidently told the barista that I have a Philly lifestyle blog, “where I share where to dine, explore and visit in Philadelphia”. It was then I realized that I was done with feeling “embarrassed” about my passion project here on WordPress dot come.

When a person speaks excitedly about their project, I want to learn more. I become invested in what they’re talking about, because it’s clearly something they believe in and care about. Try to think of someone you know who is like this, and what opportunities have come their way for approaching life like this.

I’d like to start incorporating this approach more when talking about Positive Publicity, as I can say that I’m proud of what this blog has accomplished. If someone is going to ask about this little corner of the Internet, then I’m going to tell them with enthusiasm.

Your passions are an extension of you. They are the things that make your eyes light up when you talk about them to others. I encourage you to speak confidently and assuredly about your hobbies, “side hustles”, passions, interests – whatever it is that gives you joy. You work hard on them, and your hard work deserves to be known.

I’ve also found joy in the creation of a blog post, the process of building this online space, and improving my writing. There’s just something about putting those final touches on a piece that makes me giddy as a writer (even calling myself a writer has taken some time for me to say with confidence). I imagine how it must feel to be a painter to have that one last brush stroke, step back to admire your work, and take satisfaction knowing it is done. Whether your project is to run a half-marathon, learn a new dance routine, or bake the best darn soufflé that would make even Paul Hollywood smile, I hope you too can find the joy in the journey.

To all of the fellas out there reading this, thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you and I hope you’ve been able to take something away from this post. This now is specifically geared for my ladies: there’s something even more profound for women to speak confidently and decisively about our endeavors. We demand to be taken seriously – as we should *insert Meryl Streep yelling meme here*. Look them straight in the eye and share your ideas.

I feel more excited to write and create with this newfound conviction. I’m still learning to speak with more certainty, and it’s another part in the journey I’m finding joy in. Find the confidence in your work, because it is valid. And if you hear that tiny voice of self-doubt creeping in, pull a Bianca Del Rio and say “not today Satan.”

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