Musings from a Capricorn, Sea Goat Queen

From December 22-January 19, the sea goat will reign supreme. The beginning Capricorn always aligns with the Winter Solstice, making it a favorable time during the year to let things go and “rebirth” yourself.

Astrology can be a polarizing topic. It can be eye-roll inducing and it is certainly not for everyone. I get it. And I don’t typically like to stay within my “Capricorn box,” but it is fun to consult my horoscope on websites like AstroStyle and Mystic Mama. At one time, I would actually email my friends their weekly readings for “Horoscope Email Monday” aka HEM, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Capricorn jewelry dish from Anthropologie circa late 2000s

My zodiac interest began at an early age. I fondly remember a blue, rhinestone encrusted Capricorn shirt from Limited Too my mom purchased me in fifth grade, which I later wore to a grade school dance (I don’t think my crush at the time was impressed). Come to think of it, my mom has also given me Capricornus constellation artwork and grey Capricorn shirt (perhaps she is the inception of my zodiac interest).

To give credence for the astrological facts I’ll be spewing in this post, I’ve read enough books and have listened to enough podcasts to last a lifetime, and have had the pleasure of speaking with many astrologers (shout out to Danielle Mercurio).

So, how do I spot a Capricorn in the wild?

Capricorn traits include:

We sound like a barrel of laughs, don’t we?

Other Capricorn facts:

I am on the cusp end of Capricorn (my birthday is January 19), with Aquarius beginning the next day. Cusps are a point of contention within the astrological community. Some believe that being on the cusp of a sign may mean that the other sign’s traits will influence you, while others don’t. When I began learning more about astrology, I couldn’t help but ponder if I exhibited some Aquarius traits (creative, unpredictable, free-spirited). I wonder what my friends and family would have to say about this mix of Capricorn and Aquarius traits. I am a creative, somewhat free-spirited individual, but at the same time, I am incredibly regimented (to the point of anxiety inducing if one little thing goes wrong) and can be insanely serious about certain things. I think I’m also wayyyy too emotional to be a Capricorn (but I think that can be attributed to having an abundance of Cancer throughout my birth chart).

Astrology in Tarot

As I began delving into the world of tarot, I learned that every zodiac sign is ruled by a tarot card by a Major Arcana card (side note: let me know if you’d like your tarot cards read). It cracked me up to learn that Capricorn’s card is The Devil card. Whenever I begin a reading, I reference to people to NOT FREAK OUT if they receive The Devil card, as it does not mean what we typically think of when we see El Diablo. In tarot, The Devil card deals with vices, temptation, and feeling constrained or stuck. It’s a reminder for us Capricorns to not get so bogged down and chained to the “rules” around us.

Things you can contemplate during Capricorn season – What else can I be doing in my life to get where I want to be? What mountains do I have to climb? What goals can I set for myself? How can I let go and become less constrained in my life?

Climb those mountains friends <3

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