The Poms: The Pomegranate is the Forbidden Fruit

Philadelphia indie rock group The Poms invite you to hit the dance floor with the release of their new single “Dance With Me,” out today. The high energy song comes nearly a year after their first album and brings the band’s dance/rock vibes to a whole new level. “Dance WIth Me” will keep your head banging and your feet tapping. I certainly felt so after listening.

I had to ask where the name The Poms came from, and what I received was an answer I was not expecting. Lead singer Marysa fell off a horse and after doing so, hallucinated a giant talking pomegranate. The pomegranate told her: The Pomegranate is the Forbidden Fruit

The Poms have been playing in sweaty basements throughout Philadelphia since early 2018 and bringing the party with them wherever they go. From their upbeat drumming to their funky guitar riffs, the band makes it all but impossible not to dance with them when they hit the stage. The self proclaimed alternative rock dance funk group released their first album, “Minivans With Broken Breaks,” on Halloween in 2018, garnering attention from locals throughout Philadelphia’s DIY music community, and landing them shows in basements and bars throughout the city, as well as air-time on WKDU 91.7 FM. From there, The Poms have been working relentlessly on their new album with their eyes set on expanding.

“Dance With Me” is a heartfelt, special song to the band, as it was the first song they finalized that really captured the funk feel they wanted to transition to.

Lead singer Marysa said, “To me, it is one of the only songs I’ve written that is about a happy moment in time, rather than something more expansive or depressing. The song is really about one moment at a festival, I was dancing, I was content… And there’s even a tint of sadness knowing that feeling is so fleeting to share with someone, but so addictive, and so heroic, it can feel infinite. The song started out funky from the getgo; I came up with it last summer while galloping a horse down a dirt road. The hoofbeats of the gallop are a very quick 4 count, and that was my makeshift drum beat while I came up with the 4 lines that punch out the chorus. From that minute, I knew it would hold so much meaning. There’s no way to feel like that, and not feel happy. It is a gift.”

The band can be seen live on January 31 at Jabbas Palace, February 21 at Couchtown, and February 22 at The Hive.

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