Get Juicy with KOPPS

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Let’s Get Juicy Philly.

Rochester band KOPPS are heading back to Philly for an upcoming show on Feb. 28th at Milkboy. KOPPS have been throwing a series of dance parties revolving around the “Y2k End of the World” theme that is 1999/2000s inspired. Their brand new single Get Juicy is out now, and is the band’s third single of 2019 since former “OH DANG DANG” with plans to continue to roll out new music in coming months. The new track is full of carefully chosen ear candy production wise, while also blatantly and shamelessly sexy. I spoke with lead singer Patricia Patrón about their new single, and the power that comes with being the lead singer of a band.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you all meet?

We are Patricia, Kyle, and Travis. We are all from the same city of Rochester, NY, and Kyle and I went to high school together, Travis went to a school nearby. Music pretty much brought us together as none of us were necessarily in the same “crowd” but I myself was a bit of a social butterfly so I would hang with anyone that didn’t dislike me, really. I have been into music since birth, having come from a musical family. But none of close female friends were really into it, if I’m being honest. Branching out and finding some other friends that were was inherently important to me. I one day noticed Kyle was really into silently listening to his Discman in study hall in 6th grade, and realized he probably had an interest. Fast forward to senior year and Kyle and I started a “garage band” that ended up world-famous. After coming down from that high and changing our identities, we later started experimenting with electronic music and actual songwriting. The band grew and Travis ended up with us after his participation in Joywave ended (also from Rochester) and we needed more members for our live show.

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Patricia, as being the lead singer of a female-fronted band, what makes you feel powerful?

Well…being a lead singer in a female-fronted band! But also being an independent person. I believe it’s important for women to really start owning the idea that no one is going to or should be there to carry you through your life. This was an idea fed to us for so many decades that kept us dependent, abused, and unsuccessful. To be dependent on ANYONE is to be powerless. Tough times are upon us and getting tougher, so don’t depend on your partner to protect you or make you feel more comfortable. Don’t leach off of your parents until you’re 45 unless you have a damn good reason to. Go out and make mistakes. Fall on your ass if you have to, but try. Try something that makes you feel. If you have your health (emotional and physical) and you live in the U.S.A, please try. What else makes me feel powerful? Preaching…LOL

Congratulations on the release of your new song “Get Juicy”! Describe the creation of that song. 

Kyle came up with the original tag line, and we built a song around it. We were hoping someday (this was a long time ago) it might get used for like a juice commercial or something but we should have known that wouldn’t happen with all of the farty, sex noises that are in it.

Who are your musical influences? What art inspires you?

Anyone who pushed or is pushing the envelope. Prince is my all-time favorite because he was talented to an extreme in all of “thee” areas and he took a lot of risks. As a band growing up in the late 1990/ and early 2000s we love Korn, Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, etc. NIN has been an influence and a lot of pop acts too…Britney etc. Our sound is culmination of a lot of these different genres.

Photo by Will Cornfield

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