FemFocused: Philly singer Ang Bocca

Photo by Justin Green

“Art can be all over the place,”

Proclaims the Instagram bio of Philadelphia artist Ang Bocca. While the world is in turmoil, at least we have art. And I am grateful that we have artists like Ang Bocca. We’re continuing to highlight women through the FemFocused series (happy belated International Women’s Day ya’ll), and for today’s interview, I’m going to first give some background on how this came to be…

I was covering a show at The Barbary in 2018, and one Ang Bocca was also on the bill. When Ang took the stage, she emitted an energy where you knew immediately, “OK, she’s about to kill it”. I began photographing her performance, she was that electric. We recently reconnected at an event in Philly, and I knew I wanted to get her back on the blog. She’s just got that IT factor.

Talented, sultry, unapologetic, and powerful, Ang Bocca is an artist who does it all. I’m so grateful she took the time to share her creative process, her upcoming projects, and her new music with us. Enjoy this interview!

My photograph of Ang

Ang, welcome to Positive Publicity! I’m so happy to have you here. To start off, please tell the kind folks at home a bit about yourself. 

I am Ang Bocca, and I’m another relentless Blonde with Ambition. I am a singer/songwriter and all around artist from South Philly. I am interested in creating art that is visually interesting and human, all whilst adding a dash of humor. I love live performance, and for my show to amplify those sentiments. I grew up on movie musicals and am such a fan-girl of visual albums that I truly want to reflect in my soon-to-be-released art!

Photo by Katie Shea Walters

Could you speak a little bit about what art inspires you? Or where you find artistic inspiration?

I am really inspired by authenticity. Behavior. Quirks in people. I love people (not all the time lol) . Lyrically, I guess just like most artists I am inspired by relationships the most. Visually, I really draw inspiration from film. Every song I write there is a movie that plays in my head to it, which is why visual albums are so incredible to me. I am very inspired by my friends. All of them are artists in their own right & whenever they light up about something I love to hear them talk . We all go on artist dates a lot too. I love to walk around & soak it all in. Philly is so rich in that there is so much art around. Art doesn’t have to make sense for it to be thrilling. I like anything that makes me feel alive.

Photo by Katie Shea Walters

You are a Philly Renaissance woman – you do it ALL. Can you give a glimpse into your several creative projects? 

Thank you! You certainly have to in this time we live in. I have always been interested and have immense respect  for all aspects of entertainment. Music and film I am particularly passionate about. I am releasing a short film, my single How Long, a music video for that all in March and April. I also am a Disney princess for birthday parties on this side 😉 . Hit me up! thefreshprincessparties@gmail.com

What are some projects you are particularity proud of?

I am releasing a mini-film for a single I put out in October of 2018 called Dream. I decided to make a video I always wanted to make. It ended up taking 2 and ½ years because of that. Its story is inspired by me losing my voice a few years ago completely, and the beautiful chaos that being in that silence gave to me. It made me really go back to why I ever wanted to sing in the first place. It made me turn to my inner-child where I realized that to get to sing at all is really such a gift. Let alone sing original music. So, if my work takes a while I don’t mind, because I really want to make the best art that I can.

I am really proud of Dream. It was a full production that took 2 and ½ years to create. My Friends Bob Sweeney and Katie Shae Walters directed it, Michelle Televantos choreographed. Michelle brought on Holly Morris from NYC to dance with her as a fairy. We shot at specific locations because I wanted it to capture a dream-like feel by using iconic places in the area, i.e: Grey Towers Castle at Arcadia University, Grace Kelly’s Home, The Filthy Luker Squid Art Installation… expect to see mermaids, fireworks, a dope 80’s bathroom scene, and my niece is in it as well.

The How Long video will be shot at the end of the month on a beautiful farm in Pittson, PA. There’s so much. Y’all are getting CONTENT this April and May. I’m equally terrified & excited. 

Are you releasing new music?

“How Long” will be released on my birthday March 23rd, and an EP will be released this summer.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I studied acting at Playhouse West and am a part of an independent film made by fellow Playhouse West actor Carrie Brannen titled, Block. It will be premiering in early June in honor of Pride Month, look out for that. It’s so incredible. I also plan to be a part of more acting projects and to make my own films. 

Photo by Katie Shea Walters

Where can we see you perform live next? What are some of your favorite Philly venues to perform in?

I am performing at Record Store Day at Newtown Book and Record Exchange on Saturday 4/18. It’s Free! I would love to perform at Johnny Brenda’s and Boot & Saddle this year. I really love Ortlieb’s as a venue. They have been my home for my entire career. They really are kinda like the “Cheers” of the Philly music scene. They make it so comfortable and really support all artists. You can find something fun and inspiring there any night of the week. Especially check out any Residencies. 

Where can we follow you?

Thank you Ang Bocca! You are a goddess, and I am glad to know you.

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