FemFocused: Philly artist Sadie Leigh

Debut single “La La La” out this Friday, May 15th

Sadie Leigh Releases First Single, “La La La”, a dreamy escape from reality

Philly-based singer/songwriter Sadie Leigh makes her artistic debut with La La La, a song whose airy harmonies and smooth percussion transport listeners to a place far away from the dreariness of the current world (something we could all use right now) to a La La Land of their own. I had the chance to preview the song, and I immediately vibed with it, and I’m excited to listen to her future releases. Be sure to stream the song on all streaming platforms this Friday on May 15th.

She’s currently studying media studies at Temple University, while recording whenever and wherever she can. Sadie states that she doesn’t quite conform to any specific genre, instead floating between pop, rock, and R&B. Keep reading below for our interview, and follow Sadie on Instagram (you’ll notice her profile pic is of queen bee Kate Sanders, we love to see it) and Soundcloud.

Welcome Sadie! During this time of social-distancing, how have you been doing? Have you discovered inspiration in unlikely places?

During this time, I’ve been doing alright. I can’t say I’m the best I’ve ever been, but my family has been more supportive than ever of me and my music. I’ve been wasting more time than I’d like, but I think it’s important that we ignore the pressure to use every second of this time to be the most productive we’ve ever been.

I have made it my goal to write something, anything, everyday. I tend to write based on emotions more than events or experiences, so I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration through the up and downs of quarantine. One day I wake up motivated and ready to use every ounce of the day’s time and energy, and the next day I sit in bed for hours, staring at an empty notebook. Other than that, I play guitar, paint, watch Brooklyn 99, and FaceTime old friends. 🙂

You’re balancing college, all while recording and writing. I think that speaks so much to your determination and motivation. What keeps you going?

My family and friends are my biggest inspiration and motivation – I am so lucky to say that I have such a strong support system. They’ve been with me through it all — my first original song (which was a song about Winnie the Pooh—I was 2!), my first performances, my failures, my successes—and their support never once wavered.

My mom makes me smile every single second of the day, and my dad (who is also a musician) has given me so much inspiration for music since day one. Since I was a kid, I’ve been the type to set outrageous goals for myself. While it didn’t always pay off (I was quite often let down when I didn’t achieve them), I learned to set more realistic goals, and the importance of staying focused in the pursuit of the things you are passionate about. 

Can you tell us about your new debut single  La La La? Where did inspiration for this song come from? 

La La La is a song I wrote at 7:30 AM in a practice room of Temple’s music building during my freshman year. I was a stressed mess of a music major, daydreaming of nothing more than an escape to LA to pursue music. The song came from a place of discontent and frustration — I wanted to pack up my life and go to my own La La Land, LA (get it? La —> LA). But I wanted this song to be about more than just my own outrageous wants and desires.

I think everyone has their own La La Land, somewhere they escape to in their head and wish they could live in real life. Especially during this time when we feel as if there’s no escape, I hope this song can give audiences just a bit of hope that someday, they can find their La La Land. 

What’s next for Sadie Leigh?

As for what’s next, I’m hoping to release an EP, ideally in the next few months. With the release of La La La, I’m feeling a rush of motivation, so I want to maximize on that. I’m also hoping to work with new artists on features and collabs. 

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