we need to do better.

We need to do better.

We as in this community, this country, this society, this world – we need to do better for the black community.

Black Lives Matter.

I will never experience the struggles, racism, hardships, disrespect and discrimination the black community experiences on a daily basis, as they have for hundreds of years. But what I can do is donate, educate myself, speak up – listen – and continue to learn more. If you’re not appalled by the blatant disregard for human life on a continual basis, please educate yourself. Seek justice and demand change.

If you are struggling with how to become a better ally, as I am, this HuffPost article is a helpful resource.

Lean into your courage and push aside your caution, because no one benefits when allies are cautious.

Minda Harts, author

And seeing that today is June 1st, Happy Pride <3 Do not forget Marsha P. Johnson, this month and every month.

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