Watch this space ๐Ÿ‘€

Hello! It’s been pretty quiet here at Positive Publicity Blog dot com, as I’ve been taking a hiatus from blog life. I’ve been taking some time to think about where I want to take this online space, and how it could (potentially) be used for a greater, bigger impact.

Soooo what now…

New look, new ideas, new stories, new conversations and a new directions will be coming to this space. Positive Publicity Blog will be spicing things up a bit. Here are some things to expect:

If you’ve emailed me and I have not responded, I apologize! I promise I’ll get back to you soon, and I appreciate your patience. If you’ve emailed a FemFocused or Person of Interest submission, please hang tight. <3

I wanted to provide that little update and let you guys know where things are headed. And as always, if there is anything you want to see more of or you have other ideas, PLEASE feel free to reach out.

Black Lives Matter <3 Happy Pride <3 Love y’all <3

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