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The need to attract and attach and react like the fire inside…

Growing up surrounded by musical theater, the trumpet was one of those instruments that always drew me in. It’s powerful, brassy sound instantly makes an entire theater of people stand up in attention to listen. So what happens when you combine an expert trumpeter, paired with a gorgeous voice? Trumpet Wom is what happens.

Meet Trumpet Wom, a LGBT+ musical artist based here in Philly. Her sultry voice is the perfect complement for the trumpet, which she plays so incredibly. She is a triple threat combining trumpet, singing, and vocals into alt-pop-soul songwriting.Her fifth album Evolution is out now, and a must listen off of the album is Protons and Electrons.

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Welcome to Positive Publicity! To begin, how have you been doing during the pandemic? Have you found inspiration in unexpected ways?

Thanks, glad to be here! Overall I have been doing very well. I’m still healthy, along with my family and I’m fed with a roof over my head. 

Been doing well on the mental and spiritual side as well. In order to find peace in life, I’ve done a lot of work to get to know myself. Sometimes this includes retreats into nature where I’m basically by myself.  So having to stay home and hang out with me has been relatively easy to adapt to as a result.

Overall, I’ve been inspired to go harder on what I believe I can contribute to help move humanity toward a higher mental/spiritual level and peace. This not only means sharing my music and thoughts on growth, but holding my self accountable making sure I am aligning my actions with the values I claim.

Your fifth album Evolution recently dropped – what is the inspiration behind this album? How do you feel to have this album now out?

When I began writing Evolution a few years ago, I was coming out of an extremely dark and low period of my life. In growing through all of that I found a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me that has led to an internal peace and strength unprecedented in my life.

“Evolution”, is essentially the soundtrack to that experience. The album starts in a place of doubt, frustration, pain and turmoil, then slowly evolves into an ending of strength, self trust, compassion and peace.

I am BEYOND EXCITED that the album is out now!!! There’s something particularly magical about it being my fifth one. Additionally, this is the fourth album that I’ve recorded at home. My skills as an audio engineer have greatly increased in addition to my songwriting abilities and it shows imo. There’s nothing more exciting than growing and looking back on where you’ve come from.

I’m so happy to share my triumphs and self expression with others.  I’m additionally excited that I wrote an album of substance that a listener can use for strength, growth and healing which I feel is critically importantwith the struggles we’re going through as a people right now.

As a LGBTQ+ artist, can you go into detail why LGBTQ+ representation in music is so important?

First and foremost, having LGBTQ+ representation in music lets people that fit into that category know they’re not alone, helps them find peace. But it’s much bigger than that in my opinion.

Having various viewpoints on life is how we grow and flourish as a species. I think a lot of people in our society are unhappy because they are trying to be something they’re not and are too scared to look within and admit it.

They have been taught to exist according to a label they’ve been given. They have no creativity or imagination when it comes to themselves, so they go on living the role they are “supposed” to and blame the anger that builds up as a result of them never actually being who they are on everyone else but themselves.

This is the reason why some people truly believe they have to be a white supremacist or get in a fight/war to solve a problem.  This is why some people think they can’t change and be a better person. They have no vision beyond the limited view to which they’ve been subscribing.

When we include the LGBTQ+ and other various perspectives in the conversation about what humanity is (whether it be music, politics or the workplace), we increase the ability of a person or a people to imagine and adapt to new ways of survival and finding peace.

Thank you for this interview Trumpet Wom – now go stream her album!

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