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Now I’m getting stronger, now I’m going harder…

Her new single is all about self-confidence, self-love and ultimately about becoming the “queen of your own mind”.

Bellsavvy is a pop singer/songwriter with a strong attitude and musical identity. Based in London and raised in Brazil, the artist knows how to combine her latin roots and European influences to create a unique sound unlike any other. Encouraged by her mother who was a well-known pop artist in the 80’s, Bellsavvy always knew music ran deep through her veins.

Even during her time as an actress and professional model, she couldn’t deny the undeniable connection she had to songwriting and performing and eventually took a leap of faith into exploring her true calling as a solo artist.

Her debut single narrates her own life experiences with the modeling industry and the devastating effect it can have on your mind and body. Following a successful modeling career, Bellsavvy’s body began to change and she suddenly started being rejected over and over again by casting agents. They would shame her for her change in weight and appearance and the constant denials quickly took its toll on the singer, brainwashing her into believing that her body was no longer good enough.

These negative thoughts resulted in a loss of self-confidence and self-love and Bellsavvy soon had a mental breakdown. No longer recognizing herself in the mirror, she turned to songwriting to help her pull through. “Queen of My Mind” is her uplifting and self-empowering anthem about overcoming these inner battles, realising who you are, accepting it and understanding it, in order to truly be at one with yourself.

“Queen of My Mind is a very personal, deep and emotional song. I wrote it about three years ago after a mental breakdown I had at the very end of my modeling career. I want others to feel the power we have when we love ourselves. Self-esteem, self-love and self-acceptance are the most powerful things we can have in us. It changes everything.”

The singer confides

The dramatic visuals for “Queen of my Mind” give a deeper insight into Bellsavvy’s experiences, while delivering it through a more playful and fantastical representation. Beginning with the singer receiving negative texts from her modeling agents, we see her go through all the emotions that come in hand with a mental breakdown. From the sadness, confusion and anger to ultimately ending up blossoming and becoming stronger than she’s ever been before and evolving into the queen of her mind. The high energy video shows the damage that body shaming can cause, but it also signifies the importance of discovering your true self and feeling confident in your own body.

With the goal to encourage others to feel strong, beautiful and uplifted, no matter what anyone else tells you, Bellsavvy is on a mission and no one can get in her way.

Find Bellsavvy on Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and Facebook, and keep on reading for our interview:

How have you been doing during this period of social distancing? Have you discovered inspiration in unexpected places?

It has been surprisingly good! I’ve been having time to get to know myself better, and trying out new things for my music, it’s literally giving me a new perspective in life. I ended up having more time to focus exclusively on my self-love and self-care and, developing things I “never had time to do before” and I could say that with this self-isolation, I went to another level of self-love, I’d say I’ve been practicing a lot of self-adoration.

I struggle with my own body image, and reading your story completely spoke to me. How did you achieve such a profound sense of self-love and self-acceptance?

I think that the key thing for me to go that deep into myself and call on this profound sense of self-love and self-acceptance was calling off denial and understanding that I had to allow all of that feeling to come through and be brave to suffer all of it. What I mean with that it’s a process, you need to first be impacted by the negative things, then you deny it,, then you realize, then you accept it, and only then you will start healing and creating this new 

How has music been an outlet of creativity, as well as an outlet of realization/acceptance for you?

Music is being my biggest ally in life since ever. All my emotions and life “dramas” I share with my music. Music is my best friend.  Everything I am and I’m becoming day by day it’s because of music. I was always a dreamer and I always knew music would be a crucial part of my life and it’s an honor to feel all this realization happening through music, I feel more than blessed. 

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