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Coming your way soon is a new album from Me From Space – aka Nico Banks. The album, titled Acid Glitter Rainbow Water, is Banks’ first solo project since his time as the singer/songwriter of Philly punk band Mumblr. He stopped by Positive Publicity to drop some deats about the new album and what’s next for his new project.

Me From Space can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Instagram.

Interview with Me From Space

Welcome! To begin, how have you been doing during this pandemic?

I’ve been well! I hope you are too. It’s been a really tense situation for everybody, the city of Philadelphia included. For the most part, I’ve only been leaving my house for groceries or to attend the protests that have been happening in Center City. It sort of feels like we’re in the middle of a balloon about to burst – between Covid, Police Brutality, Political Strife, Social Reform  and the Super-Rich Epstein Peodophile ring…we’re months away from the bottom falling out. The air is thick with it. It’s definitely challenging to keep a clear, balanced mind – which is why Me From Space has been such a welcome outlet for me.

Tell us about your project Me From Space. What was the creation like behind this project? 

Me From Space started out as a side project for the previous band I was in, Mumblr. I was writing and recording more and more electronic, lo-fi influenced tunes that didn’t quite fit the Mumblr emo-punk vibe, so I decided to keep it pretty strictly solo. It’s more therapeutic for me than anything, a way to express some of my darker and more confusing thoughts. Feeling like an alien from another planet, struggling with identity, and navigating my life after sobriety. After getting sober, I was confronted with a lot of truths and anxieties that I was just pouring liquor on to keep quelled. That being said, it’s allowed me to look at my decade long addiction to drugs and alcohol from outside of myself. So the songs just sort of started writing themselves!

What is next for Me From Space? 

Well, I’m writing a LOT of music. Pretty much daily. The good stuff I’ll scrap, and the ones that make me happy I’ll keep releasing! I have a new album coming out on Spotify and all music streaming services on 8/5 called Acid Glitter Rainbow Water that I’m really proud of. I try to make each release an experiment, where I explore different songwriting styles and instrumentation. This is my psychedelic, lo-fi effort haha. And I’m working on my third release which I’ll be announcing in a few weeks. Just like everyone else — trying to stay productive and busy while the world slowly falls apart 🙂

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