FemFocused: Kayleigh releases new single “I’m A Waste”

What am I so afraid of….

Kayleigh has a number of titles – singer, songwriter and current student at Temple University. She recently is released her fifth single “I’m a Waste”. During the era of pandemic, Kayleigh has taken this time to work on her music and continue to be proactive. “I’m A Waste” features soaring, powerful vocals, an electronic beat, and lyrics that leave you wondering why remain in certain situations.

Kayleigh can be found on Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

Welcome to Positive Publicity! To begin, how have you been doing during social distancing/quarantine?

It’s been a rollercoaster this entire time. At first I was super scared. My mind went straight to AHS Apocalypse. Then it turned into feeling like this is a nice vacation to chill at home and do “nothing”. I’ve been going back and forth between these extremes and I’d like to think now I’ve fallen in the middle, however uncomfortable that is. I mean, our society isn’t meant to function like this. But I’ll do whatever I’ve got to do to keep others safe. That’s worth all the uncomfortable feelings this time brings. 

Tell us about your brand new single “I’m a Waste”. What inspired this song?

I can’t believe “I’m a Waste” is finally out! This originally started as an idea I had created during a time where I was interning at The Practice Worldwide in NYC, and traveling to the studio by bus every other day. I just started dating my boyfriend too. Between my music career and love life going so well, I came into this somewhat panicked state. It was an absolute self-sabotaging thought, but I was really thinking “Do I even deserve all of these things?” I sent a beat I made to my friend Jessie, who I worked on my previous song “Notice”. He immediately vamped it up and created the final instrumental that you hear today.

When I started writing lyrics to it, I was messing around with this vocoder/vocal synth plug-in and just sang the words “I’m a waste” over and over again. The beat we made created this feeling that caused me to sing those words first for some reason. The rest then just flowed out of me. Ultimately, it’s a song about questioning your worth in whatever situation it may be, and fighting that feeling. 

As a Philadelphia-based artist, what parts of this city bring you inspiration and creativity? 

Hands down the people and the atmosphere. There’s a lot of people I’ve met — people born and raised in Philly, and people from all over the world — all in this city. There are so many opportunities here for personal growth, as well as much needed social change. People are passionate here, it’s just in the air. How can you not get inspired by that? 

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