How I got myself out of a funk one night: Philly edition

A wise man once said “Took my life from negative from positive.”

That wise man was Pitbull. He also once said, “Now pump-pu-pump p-p-p-pump it up and back it up like a Tonka truck.” This is not let’s-drag-Pitbull post though, we stan Mr. 305 in this house.

But I digress. The purpose of this post is to describe how I recently took a negative night into a positive one.

Both pre-COVID and currently, I generally like to keep my nights full. Seeing friends in parks or while taking walks has given me – and many of us – something to look forward to in an otherwise bleak time.

One a night of freedom this past week after work, I was suddenly struck with the realization that I had nothing to do. I wish I could relish in the delight that is doing nothing, but that is sadly not how my DNA operates. Instead, having a free night typically puts me in a very anxious, negative mood. Desperate now more than ever for rare doses serotonin, I devised a plan with my friend to get me out of my apartment and out of my head.

Move, baby move

Mimi Bouchard is a huge advocate to move your body to change your mindset (I’ve also recently subscribed to her Mimi Method, updates to come on that). So that’s exactly what I did. I tied up my decade-old sneakers and got my body walking. Killing a lantern fly or five was also fun and I felt as though I performed my civic duty.

Nourish thyself

While I’m certainly not adverse to indulging in the greasy, cheesy, sugary comfort food, I needed to nourish my body on this night. I turned to Talulah’s Daily veggie soba noodles, a recent favorite meal of mine, and enjoyed in Washington Square Park while people watching.

Parks and rec

After my meal, I continued my long-walk. I love enjoying the many parks Philly has to offer on my walks. Long walks are also an opportunity for me to catch up on my podcasts or friends on the phone. My friend was actually at a park close to my walking path, so I was able to spend some time with her. Dog-watching at the Schuylkill River Dog Park after a long walk by the river has always made me happy. Fitler Square Park is another hidden city delight. Nature is good for the soul, even in the middle of a city.

Schuylkill River Dog Park
Fitler Square

Treat your body kindly

Self-care has been regulated to taking a long hot bath, putting on a face mask, painting your nails, etc (even though it is so much more than that). TBH, none of those things really ever dramatically transform my mood. But there are those rare moments where a hot shower, skincare routine, a jade roller and a tall glass of water can really do the trick. #feelincute

Quick recap:

Nothing too ground-breaking here, but it did wonders for me <3

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