Thinking of starting a paid subscription model? This is the advice my friends who work in social media gave me

Meet Paige Knapp.

Paige Knapp has had extensive experience in public relations, and recently launched Kylee Social. For growing content creators, she works in leveling up or launching brand partnerships, increasing earning potential, and expanding reach. For brands, she develops innovative campaigns centered on authentic partnerships with talented creatives. I have worked with her as influencer before, and let me tell you, know one does it better. My other friend, who would prefer to remain anonymous for this post, is an influencer program manager at an advertising agency in New York City, where she works with major influencers.

I am lucky enough to call both of these women friends. Their advice below expands into all of social media; you’ll find a nugget of knowledge here.

Anon’s Advice:

  • Work different angles to build your brand, including creating a newsletter to reach your community on a regular basis, and give your blog content new life. This will also provide additional data on your most engaged community members. Email newsletter providers include Substack, Mail Chimp or Klaviyo
  • Pitch yourself to podcasts to reach new audiences.
  • If most of your brand collaborations are only on your blog, consider cross-promoting them on your Instagram feed. When agencies are considering a new influencer or creator, they are often looking to see what other brands they have worked with (I don’t typically post every brand collab I work with onto my Instagram feed, as I usually reserve posting them for Instagram stories and blog posts).
  • Get creative with Tier offerings on Patreon. She gave me great feedback on Tier options. Enlist the help of your friends or followers to see what type of extra, exclusive content they’d like to receive in their inbox.

Paige’s Advice:

  • Ask to be paid for your work. Paige has worked with big influencers, micro influencers, nano influencers…. you name it, she’s done it. And she is a huge advocate for getting paid for your work, no matter how big your following is.
  • Utilize every platform you’re currently on to promote your Patreon.
  • Just do it. Launch the podcast/blog/Patreon – just do it. You’ll figure it all out as you expand.


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