Interview with music PR specialist Lydia Reed

As a blogger who often covers music, I receive an email or two a day with a press release of a new band or music. Many of these press releases are, shall we say, not the most clear and concise (we can talk about music PR in a future post). But any time I receive an email from Lydia Reed – founder of LPR Agency – , I know it’s going to be *chef’s kiss* perfect.

I’ve been receiving music press releases from Lydia for a over a year now, and have had the pleasure of covering many of her clients here on blog. From a PR perspective, I’m always in awe of her writing, quick communication and creativity. And her work speaks for itself, as her clients have been featured on Billboard, NME and Complex, to name a few. Lydia was kind enough to take some time to answer questions and share her experience as a woman in music PR.

Lydia Reed


LPR Agency is a cutting edge music PR company from Guildford, UK. Specialising in digital media and unique opportunities, LPR Agency works with a multitude of genres, with clients all over the world. Founder Lydia Reed has spent short of a decade working in both the US and UK music industries, in areas covering management, licensing and publishing, eventually finding her passion for publicity. LPR Agency delivers impactful and lasting results for their clients, intently investing in boosting engagement and establishing international presence.

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When did you found LPR Agency? What was that process like for you?

I had spent years interning with different companies in both Los Angeles and London, trying to work out what area of the music industry I wanted to be in. I tried my hand in management, publishing, touring, licensing – the works! I ended up working with Mora May Agency in Los Angeles and that’s when I knew that PR was the route for me. I founded LPR Agency in 2018 with just a few clients under our roster – it’s crazy to think how fast it has grown in just a couple years. 

You work with musicians around the world – that must be thrilling, but also a ton of work. How do you manage it all?

Yes! The great thing about what I do is that a lot of it is online and therefore I have the ability to work with artists all over the world – From the US, Canada and Australia, to Brazil and Sweden and everywhere in between… It’s really exciting and definitely never gets boring! It takes a lot of organisational skills – something which I pride myself on anyway, so comes quite naturally. I basically have lists, upon lists and take great satisfaction in crossing things off as I go along. 

What is your secret/advice for success in PR? 

Hmm, I can’t give ALL my secrets away, but I think the key for success is to simply keep on keeping on. It’s cliche to say, but hard work really pays off. The music industry is a small world and if you do a good job for someone, the word will spread. Invest yourself in your clients and immerse yourself in projects that you love – it makes work much easier and much more enjoyable. 

What do you love most about music PR? 

I’ve grown up in music. When I was much younger my brothers were in bands and I would spend most weekends going to gigs watching live music. The excitement and buzz you get from watching bands do what they love most and live out their dreams is truly inspiring. I love being a part of their journey and helping them to reach certain milestones in their careers. It’s very gratifying to see results and watch momentum build. I also get to discover so much amazing music that I probably wouldn’t if LPR Agency didn’t exist. 

What advice do you have for other women in music PR? 

Don’t underestimate your capabilities and know your worth. I’m passionate about what I do and nothing will stop me and I think that’s a vital mindset to have. 

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