Philly Finds Vol. 22: Outdoor Dining Guide

Do ya feel hungry punk? Well, do ya?

Here are some of my selections from the past few months for outdoor Philly dining or delivery. You can find even more outdoor dining goodness on other Philly Finds posts, and my favorite coffee shops to work outside at post.

Also coming next week will be an early look at the new White Dog in Glen Mills. I standby that White Dog is my favorite Philly-area restaurant, and I can’t wait to check out their latest creation in the ‘burbs.

Now, onto the food!


Neighborhood: Gayborhood

We’ll kick it off with two Italiano restaurants. For a Sunday gravy to swat away the Sunday Scaries, Little Nonna’s is the way to go. Mangia!

Broccoli rabe
Spaghetti and meatballs

Gran Caffe L’Aquila

Neighborhood: Rittenhouse

Aperol Spritz, ragu, pappardelle – my ancestors are pleased.

Coffee and biscotti – a must after any meal


Neighborhood: Rittenhouse

Upscale pub fare to transport you to a London street corner.

Fresh oysters
Tandoori Chicken – I could probably eat this every day


Neighborhood: Grad Hospital

This has been THE spot to grab a glass of wine or IPA. Pop on over to Bob and Barbara’s across the street, as well.


Neighborhood: Rittenhouse

I’ll just say it right off the bat – this place is incredibly overpriced, albeit very healthy (they are Philly’s only gluten-free and vegan restaurant). This meal below cost my a hefty $30 (but hey I needed the green juice).

Green smoothie and breakfast bowl

Bar Hygge

Neighborhood: Fairmount

As the name might suggest (coziness and comfortable),

Jackfruit vegan burger


Neighborhood: Callowhill

For a damn fine margarita.

Guacamole and the Smoked and Spicy cocktail
Pollo Tinga tacos


Neighborhood: Callowhill

The Land on Callowhill has been one of my go-to spots since it opened this summer.

Pro tip: Starting in October, the only way to make reservations is if you become a member (which is free to do). BUT, I would highly encourage you to make a donation, as The Land gives back to Philadelphia’s homeless.

Their now serving Kenwood light lager – 10/10 on this one


Neighborhood: Delco baby, specially Glen Mills

Who knew this gem existed in Delco? I highly recommend making the trip out of the city for an afternoon. I think we got 6 bottles of wine and two charcuterie boards for $35-$40 each? What a steal.

Charcuterie board

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