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Treasure wears his emotions on his sleeve. He transverses his musical world with this heightened sense of vulnerability, creating a space where he and the listener can rest at ease with no fear of judgement. 

London’s Treasure’s new single “Isolation” portrays the uneasiness felt by most during self-isolation, touching on the sense of duty felt by the world in giving up freedom for a just cause. The song was produced and engineered entirely by the artist in his London bedroom during lockdown. Treasure has seen success having been featured on Wonderland Magazine, and BBC 1 Extra by Jamz Supernova, as well as garnering extensive play listing from the likes of Spotify official playlists, COLORS, and Apple Music.


Born in North West London, Treasure’s family relocated to the countryside in the early 2000’s trading the busy city life for the suburban serenity, a feeling present throughout his catalogue. of his laidback production and genre-merging tendencies provide a nostalgia based backdrop for his lush soulful harmonies.

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The release of his nine-track EP Suffocation & Air, saw Treasure delving into a hypnagogic pop realm, delivering lethargic yet funky synthscapes with 80’s tinged falsetto vocal arrangements. Now, he returns with yet another unique track, showcasing his love for exploring new genres and crossing sonic boundaries. “Isolation” ushers in a new era of Treasure’s singing and songwriting which simultaneously draws on both feelings of nostalgia and of present times.

“Through life experience and spending time with other. I’m always trying to expand my consciousness through multiple mediums,” 

said Treasure on finding creativity and inspiration

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