Announcing ‘Compilation Of Love, A Charity Album featuring Slaughter Beach, Dog, Gladie + more

Have you listened to Philly-based podcast Out of Love? If you haven’t yet, now is your time to. Before we get into why, let’s give some background on the podcast…

Out of Love is a podcast where host Dan Casarella explores different perceptions of love in order to become a better wedding officiant for his sister’s upcoming New Year Eve wedding. Join Dan as he seeks to explore different perceptions and concepts of love, through art, science, and sharing personal stories, all while he finds out how to deliver a good wedding ceremony. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dan once through a mutual friend (hey Grace) over House Party #pandemiclife.

Dan and Ian Farmer of Slaughter Beach, Dog and Modern Baseball are teaming up to release Compilation of Love, a charity album with all proceeds going to Women Against Abuse. And every Tuesday in October, Dan will be interviewing songwriters from the album about their contributions, including artists Jake Ewald, Kaytee Della Monica, Liz Parsons, and Sean Huber.

The album will be released on Bandcamp on October 2 to coincide with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. A special episode of Out of Love will also be released that day with Katie Young-Wildes, Senior Communications Specialist of Women Against Abuse, sharing how donations will be used.

The money raised from Compilation of Love will be donated to Women Against Abuse, a nonprofit agency in Philadelphia that provides quality, compassionate, and nonjudgmental services to persons experiencing intimate partner violence and leads the struggle to end domestic violence through advocacy and community education.

For more information on the important work done at Women Against Abuse please visit

“Much of our budget as a nonprofit is tied to specific grants and contracts, and that can make it really difficult when we need to be nimble when we need to and to things like COVID. That’s why private support is so crucial to our ability to be as effective as we can and to serve the people that are counting on us.”

said Katie Young-Wildes, Senior Communications Specialist of Women Against Abuse.

To raise money for Women Against Abuse, Farmer and Casarella asked their musician friends to write a song responding to the word “love”. What they got is twenty-three original love songs, with muses ranging from partners, parents, and pets to Hungarian Netflix films and the New York Islanders. Featuring new songs from Slaughter Beach Dog, Gladie, Chris Farren, Thin Lips, and others, highlights include:

Official list of artists featured on Compilation of Love:

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