A first look at the new White Dog Glen Mills

Sit and stay at the new White Dog Cafe

My love of White Dog was first documented back in *2016* so when the opportunity presented itself to visit their newest location in Glen Mills – yea I don’t think I’ve said YES to anything quite as quickly.

In classic White Dog fashion, each room has its own distinctive theme, some which pay homage to their Wayne, Haverford and University City locations. From room to room, it was clear how much detail and care went into designing the spaces.

Sydney Grims, Director of Business Development of Fearless Restaurants, has an eye and natural knack for decor, style and art. She explained to use the unique and rare pieces she curated for the restaurant (coming soon are vintage photos from the 1930s-50s of people with their furry companions). There is so much to marvel and explore, it could double as an art gallery.

Known for the warm hospitality and creative, inspiring cuisine, the majority of ingredients at all White Dog Cafe locations are purchased from local farms, located no more than fifty miles from the restaurants.  White Dog Cafe offers seasonal menus featuring only the best ingredients from trusted farms, including pasture-fed animals, humanely treated livestock, and fish and seafood that is harvested through sustainable suppliers. Organic items are incorporated when possible from farms using sustainable farming practices. Wines are grown and produced from American vineyards and White Dog Cafe uses local craft beers and artisan distilled spirits.

Decor and Style

Have your pup pictured

The bar area called The Den (photo above) showcases a galley of 45 commissioned dog portraits by Jay McClellan, and guests can purchase a painting to immortalize their favorite pup that will hang in the restaurant. McClellan will give anyone that purchases a painting the original drawing (a $250 value) and the painting that hangs within White Dog Glen Mills will display a small brass plate with the dog’s name and hometown on the frame. McClellan is donating half of the fee for each of the paintings to Brandywine Valley SPCA and Alpha Bravo Canine.

Not pictured: the beautiful moss ceiling in this room
A Lightning Marie spotting 😉 (the name of our family’s Yorkie)

Their large, tranquil outdoor space with 104 seats, perfect for social distancing. Guests can dine under an illuminated pergola or sit in one of the 16 lounge seats by a water feature.

Onto the food:

We began with sampling of their mushroom soup, made with mushfroms from Kennett Square; their freshly made focaccia (a highlight for me) and cooked garlic cloves
We moved onto a slider version of their burger, and scallops with a curry infused sauce, cauliflower and golden raisins. Now I must confess I am not a scallops gal – however THIS was one I could eat over and over again. Delicious.
An finally a White Dog classic – a selection of homemade cookies with a glass of milk. Comfort at its finest.

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