How to snag 1-900-ICE-CREAM

It happened as most good things in life happen – unexpectedly.

It happened on a Thursday at 6:08 pm, when I was emptying my Inbox, when I saw the email:

Print allIn new window“Jacked City” Four Pack Drop  | OPENS AT 7:00PM

Something you should know about me is that I am a sucker for a hype product. And I’d been following the hype of 1-900-ICE-CREAM for months now and desperate to indulge in Philly’s hand-crafted iced confections. An email with pick-up instructions and a PDF ticket and $51.84 later, I had secured 4 pints of 1-900-ICE-CREAM. If anything, the 1-900 culture fascinated me, and I wanted to be a part of it. Now was my chance.

A part of me was hesitant about writing this post, you know, the “I want it all for myself” mentality. But you know what, we’re all going through it right now. We need the gourmet ice cream.

Here’s how it works, according to the 1-900-ICE-CREAM website:

Most of the time, every Sunday, we announce the drop of 4 new flavors on our Instagram story and directly to all of our e-mail subscribers. That’s when the clock starts…Every drop has a limited quantity and sells out in a flash.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who secures the ice cream bag, we’ll email you the pick-up time and location. For those from far away lands, we offer a limited amount of shipments, so look for that at checkout.No-shows forfeit their pints without refund and get put straight on Santa’s naughty list.

We are a direct-to-consumer ice cream company, located in Philadelphia.  All of our ice cream is made weekly from scratch in our Kensington factory.  The ice cream must be pre-ordered. We drop our weekly pre-orders through the Flavor Drop email.  Pickups are done at our Fishtown location on Frankford Ave.  Shipping is also available. 

All of our dairy comes from a local grass-fed farm in PA, and the majority of our mix-ins are made from scratch by a local bakery.

Here’s some steps you can take to get your paws on a pint:

I arrived promptly the next day at 5pm (pick-up took place between 5 and 7pm) and took my place in line, which was then wrapped around the block as I left with my treasure in tow.

Those who purchased a 4-pack were gifted a cookie, baked by lilypcrumbs

Let’s unpack, shall we?

My boyfriend and I consumed much of the Treat Daddy and Birthday Berry Birthday Crunch, so you’ll see those bad bois uncovered.

Treat Daddy – Sweet cream ice cream with a splash of espresso, super dense yellow cream-cheese, pound cake cubes, and butterscotch icing swirl
Birthday Berry Sundae Crunch – with salted strawberry ice cream, birthday cake crunch, and hot fudge sauce swirl
Cone Thugs ‘n Brownie – with sugar cone ice cream, cookie butter magic shell shards, caramelized hazelnut praline and brownie pudding swirl
Loose Goose – with salted peanut butter ice cream, chocolate chip cookie pie chunks, roasted salted walnuts, brownie brittle drizzle and caramel cream swirl

The verdict? Yes, it’s worth the hype. And the experience of actually getting my grubby hands on a 4-pack was a shot of adrenaline I needed.

As always, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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