An exploration of Matisse Fashion

I’ve been on a bit of a Henri Matisse (1869-1954) kick lately. His use of color, intertwined with a vibrancy and also simplicity and delicacy has been on my mind. The style and aesthetic of influencers Camille Lenore and Anne Johannsen has also been a recent obsession, and I find the hues they use also complement those used by Monsieur Matisse. I am by no means an art historian or expert, but hey, I know what I like. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a series of exploring artists and how they influence fashion trends? We shall see! So, in order to understand this fashion trend, we must first explore the work of Matisse.

According to artist Nancy Doyle:

“Matisse was also influenced by the decorative (two-dimensional sense of beauty) quality of Near Eastern art, with its bright, pure colors, flatness, use of pattern, and emphasis on curved forms. Although his work has a strong decorative quality, it avoids the shallowness often associated with the decorative. It is light and cerebrally undemanding, but not superficial – nor easily painted, although it appears effortless. The simplicity of his images is deceptive; and though they are often happy, beautiful images, the joy in them can also be profound.”

One thing I love about Matisse is that the colors are so eye-catching, yet aren’t overwhelming or take away from the entire piece. Below are some of his most famous works of art:

Henri Matisse, La dance, 1910
Henri Matisse, The Pink Studio, 1911
Henri Matisse, The Sheaf, 1953
Henri Matisse, The Snail, 1953
Henri Matisse, Blue Nudes, 1952
Henri Matisse, The Roofs of Collioure, 1905

Before you embark on your Matisse style journey, you can reference this color palette created by artist Hello Little Milly on Etsy.

Below are some examples of what I will dub, Matisse Fashion, with the crediting links (I did my best to find the original photographer and/or model). I hope these colors and style inspired you as much as they inspire me.

Model – Vanessa Hong; Image property of Style Du Monde
Photo found on AphroChic; model Monica Adeng
I tried high and low to find the origin of this photo and the model, but unfortunately could not
Photo found on Cosmo, model Nykhor-Nyakueinyang Paul
Image found on Where To Get It, model unknown
Nails by NailArtbySig
I unfortunately could not find the original photo owner
Photo from influencer @tamella_k. The mint green hair clip is the perfect accent piece.
Photo from influencer Anne Johannesen

More of my style inspiration and desires can be found on my aptly named Lustful Fashion Pinterest board, where many of the above images can be found.

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