Gravy and Gnocchi Recipe

The greatest Sunday gravy and meatballs you could ever have – my Mimi’s

Sunday gravy – it’s the one thing that has actually brought me joy during this time. Making friends and family gravy and pasta has brought a sense of peace and normalcy to an otherwise dull routine.

And during these past three days, I’ve been stress cooking a lot. Hence today’s atypical recipe post on the blog to keep my mind occupied (and hopefully yours too <3). I’ll be sharing my methods for making gravy and gnocchi.

No matter which American-Italian household you enter, you will find a different recipe for Sunday gravy, passed down from nonna to nonna. They all may be a bit different, and that’s OK. I was #blessed to grow up surrounded by amazing cooks in my family, who have taught me well. I wanted to begin this post with a narrative, but then remembered this:

So with that, let’s begin!

Important note: For this recipe, I’m not using any meat (when I do make meatballs, I throw them right in the gravy to cook). For most, it is only considered gravy when meat is involved.


Stick wine


Add in the following spices:

Important note – I don’t have an exact measurement for these spices, I throw ’em all in until I taste what I like

Other accoutrements:

Parmesan cheese

Let simmer for three hours. Stir occasionally, as the gravy may burn. And of course, you’ll want to dip your bread just to sample the taste.

This is a recipe that will take time to perfect, but I haven’t had any complaints yet!

Gnocchi Recipe


Yup, that’s it.


I’ve added in photos below for reference.

Notice how there’s still a few chunky potato bits in there? That’s what you want to avoid. We learn as we make mistakes!
Mangia! This entire process took me about three hours to do.

Do you or your family add in other ingredients or use other methods into these recipes? If so, let me know!

Bonus: Excerpts from Lorraine Ranalli’s Gravy Wars

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  1. Diane Girardot Avatar
    Diane Girardot

    Luv it all!!! I am going to get out that wine with the stick and start cooking!!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Yes!! Enjoy! Mangia! 😉

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