Rust & Denim Thrift Finds

I had long thought that booties paired with a dress would not be the most flattering look on my body type, until the one day I actually did it and was quite pleased. It reminded me of a quote (I can’t for the life of me remember where I first heard it), but it goes along the lines of: “The only difference between someone who can pull off red lipstick and someone who can’t is that they decided to wear it one day.” All I had to do was decide to try out this look one day.

In an effort to be a more sustainable consumer, thrifting and second-hand shopping have become my favorite form of shopping. There is so much more satisfaction and excitement that comes with combing through racks of clothing until you find that one, perfect, treasured item. To exhibit some of these items, my friend and the *insert John Travolta voice* wickedly talented photographer Briana Farina took some photos in Fairmount.


2 responses to “Rust & Denim Thrift Finds”

  1. chelsea finn Avatar

    This outfit is SO good! Love this entire look from head to toe! That dress is such an incredible thrift find! And I love the bootie + dress combo.

    xx Chelsea

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thanks Chelsea! Nothing like a solid thrift find

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