Vintage finds to elevate your space – Philly edition

Much like thrifting for clothes, exploring the nooks and crannies of a vintage shop provides a similar thrill. When I’m not searching voraciously through a pile of plates, cups, portraits and old photographs, I find inspiration from Camille Nichelini‘s Instagram, as well curating on Pinterest.

If it’s practical for you, I like the idea of having your home and/or space feel like a gallery, with pieces curated specially by you. So in today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorite Philadelphia-based vintage stores, as well as some treasures I’ve managed to scoop up.

Some of my favorite Philly-based vintage shops include:

This wooden ladder hails from a Philly vintage shop which sadly closed down. There are so many possibilities with a ladder – wrapping garland or lights around it, hanging plants, or a place to lay throw blankets.

Anything that I think might make a guest stop and say “Woa, that’s cool”, I’ll certainly lean towards. Which is exactly why I picked up these colorful glass cups from Beau Arts Vintage.

Shells in decor are having quite a revival at the moment, aren’t there? This delicate pink shell from Beaux Arts Vintage made for a lovely jewelry dish.

More shells, amirite? While the dish holding the crystals is also a vintage find, I want to turn your attention to those gorgeous candlestick holders from Vintage Addicts.

This $4 find from Giovanni’s Room might be my favorite here. I love the Italian cucina aura it gives off.

Happy thrifting! <3

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