Philly Finds Vol. 26

Hello friends, welcome to a new edition of Philly Finds. I celebrated my birthday last week which, despite not being able to celebrate with karaoke at Fergie’s (side note: if you can still handle Zoom hangouts, highly recommend skribbl for a game), was so nice and very special. My boyfriend and I enjoyed an excellent outdoor dinner at one of the “chalets” at Parc, pictured below. <3

Perhaps I will write about this more in depth, but on my birthday I made an attempt to wake-up and practice gratitude throughout the entire day. Every text, phone call, card, message and carrier pigeon was savored and cherished. This past year, it feels like each day provides more uncertainty and I am doing my best to not take each day – no matter the unpredictability or monotony it brings – for granted. More on this later.

Bánh Mì and Bottles

Last week, my friends Aaron and Brendan and I dined outdoors at Bánh Mì and Bottles, which is a spot I need to make an effort to go to more because it is just SO good. We caught up over craft beers, bao buns, pho and bánh mì. It was the perfect hearty meal to enjoy in the chilly weather, and tasted – dare I say it – even better as leftovers.

Room Shop

I came across this Philly-based brand (shame on me for not knowing them already!) from @camilleleonore’s account. I have entered a period of deep infatuation with their giant chartreuse satin scrunchie, and will be wearing every day for the near future.

Yellow Bicycle Canteen

It appears vegan eatery Yellow Bicycle Canteen is re-opening on 10th and Locust, just a block away from its original location. Will keep you updated!

The Saturday Club Hosting 5K ‘Pick Your Way, Any Day’

The Saturday Club, one of the oldest women’s non-profit organizations in both Pennsylvania and nationwide, is hosting a do-it-your way, on any day, 5K from March 21 through March 31, 2021 to raise funds for our Clubhouse and Annual Grant Program. Race registration for The Saturday Club 5K Pick Your Way, Any Day opens January 12, 2021. And if you register by February 24, 2021, you’ll receive a race t-shirt.

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