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An extremely specific aspect of restaurant dining or going to bars with friends I somewhat miss is the “bathroom report.” You know, someone being the first friend to use the bathroom at a bar or restaurant and asking “what’s the bathroom situation like?”. It’s always a pleasure to provide a positive report to the table if you’re the first. I don’t know what it was but… I just had a yearning to document some of the coolest Philly restaurant/bar bathrooms I’ve come across (wish I could include Cheu Noodle Bar, RIP). And as you’ll see below, I have a propensity of partaking in a mirror pic when encountering a “cool” bathroom.

And it looks like I haven’t been the only one interested on writing about the topic:

The Wayward / The Canopy

We’ll start off with the more extravagant. Enjoy Issac T Lin’s ‘Untitled Universality’ mural for Canopy Philadelphia on the stairs, pictured below.


Listening to a movie while doing your business is ~goals~.

Writer’s Block Rehab

In search of finding a photo of their cartoon-themed bathroom, I came across the Instagram account Ladies Room PHL, highlighting Philly bathrooms. Give them a follow if that’s your jam.

Tattooed Mom

One of Philly’s most infamous.

Founding Fathers

Gibson gril vibes.


Gritty > Guy Fieri

Drop a line – do you have a fav Philly bathroom?

Now, let’s work on getting more public restrooms Philly, shall we?

4 responses to “Cool Philly Bathrooms”

  1. Dia Becker Avatar

    Bistrot La Minette has a most luxurious bathroom. The Barbary’s is akin to Tattooed Mom but iconic in its own right. And always always gotta love Parc’s. LOVE THIS PIECE/TOPIC!

    1. Camille Avatar

      bruh I haven’t been to Bistrot La Minette in a MINUTE & now I’m dying for it. I truly wish I could recall was the Barbary’s bathroom looks like – but the amount of shots I’ve taken there won’t allow me.

      THANK YOU for sharing your favs!!

  2. […] reservations, but it is certainly worth the wait. I’m also adding their bathroom to my “Cool Philly Bathrooms” ever-growing […]

  3. […] A bit hard to tell, but their logo it etched into the ice cube Adding it to the Coolest Philly Bathroom’s list […]

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