FemFocused: Julia Klot

Hailing from Brooklyn, singer/songwriter Julia Klot is taking us on a journey through finding and losing love with her new EP titled Ghost, which is set to be released in March.

It begins with the title track, which is about letting go of someone, with their memory still living on, followed by “Temporary Tattoo”, which is a lyrical stream of thoughts about the anxieties of being in a relationship. Other songs include “Picture in a Frame”, which is her rearrangement of the Tom Waits song, “Time to Miss You”, which ponders the significance of love and relationships, as well as being apart from the person you love the most; and then finally “I’ve Cried For You” which is a song about giving your all to someone who takes and mistreats. You can find Julia on Spotify and Instagram, where you get become familiar with her before her EP drops. Keep reading of our interview below!

Welcome Julia! Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Julia (she/her/hers) and I’m a 20 year old singer-songwriter/pianist! I grew up in Brooklyn, which I consider a huge part of my musical identity. My experience of growing up there is what inspired me to start writing. I started playing piano when I was 6 years old, and started composing when I was about 10. In high school, I began to gig around NYC, and performed consistently at The Bitter End for a bit. My shows there helped me to grow a lot as a musician and performer. I’m now attending the conservatory of music at Purchase college, where I’ve really been able to develop my craft and skills, make some amazing connections, and record lots of new music! Last year, I released my debut album “Brooklyn” which I wrote during my first semester away from home about the experience of starting anew. My new EP “Ghost” is my most recent collection of work and is my transition to a more mature musical sound!

Is there a particular song on your new EP that you find stirs up most emotion when you sing it? 

The last song of the EP, “I’ve Cried For You”, is the most meaningful and emotional track in my eyes. I wrote it about someone I deeply care for who has been through so much. It’s kind of about being so close to someone that you know all their darkest secrets, and how knowing that much about a person can make them want to push you away. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Songwriting has always been my expressive outlet for things that are happening in my life. I’d say the majority of my writing draws from my experiences, or things that people in my life have experienced. I also like to write to make sense of emotions I can’t put a finger on until I’ve written them down. Songwriting can be very therapeutic in that sense— sometimes I won’t know what a song is about until I’ve finished the complete thought, and I’ll think, “Oh! This is what I’m feeling I guess.”

As a woman in music, I would love to know what makes you feel strong when you’re performing.

So far in my career, I’ve been able to meet and surround myself with so many talented, powerful women in the music field.  Having all these wonderful women to relate to, as well as learn and draw inspiration from is really amazing. In an industry so dominated by men, it’s super cool to see  these women exude the level of confidence they do in their musical skill, songwriting and performing, and it has made me much more confident in mine. I love that performing gives me a voice that people want to hear. Performing wasn’t always fun for me— it used to be really scary, and now it’s something I genuinely love doing.

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