Philly Finds Vol. 27

We’re celebrating Friday with a new Philly Finds.

I’m currently spending the final few days in my current home before moving to a new apartment. One thing that has me particularly exhilarated about the move is decorating my own space. I’d love for this new home to feel like my one-bedroom, checkered-bathroom-area of creation and art, where I can sing, play guitar, dance, write, paint, cook (even garden!), etc. I’m going to be enlisting the help of my friend Val, who has a knack for all things décor. She’s famous for her “Valerie Gallery,” and the idea of having an arranged wall of the art I’ve collected over the years instead of it haphazardly hung around my room is thrilling. I’m considering how I can also use this space I envision in my head into creating content which in turn might have a positive effect on my business. You might be rolling your eyes at this notion, especially at how much our living space should be utilized in the online influence. I did touch on this topic a bit here, and it is something I have been thinking about. We shall see!

So before we get into the Philly Finds, here are some links I’m lovin’:

Roaming Queen Village

Why haven’t I spent more time exploring Queen Village and Bella Vista??? I encourage you this weekend to take a stroll and explore these neighborhoods. Peep my TikTok below for suggestions:

KerryD Bakes

What does KerryD do? KerryD BAKES. One of my best friend’s is participating in Bon Appétit‘s Fav Chef competition, and she’s advanced to the next round! Support this culinary goddess by voting for her today here (use your free daily vote!). Follow her baking journey on the ‘gram here.

Village Whiskey Re-opens

Garces has announced that Village Whiskey is back open again in Rittenhouse Square, and it has expanded with a brand new dining room ready to debut that will more than double the space and seating capacity of the original space. Additionally, Village Whiskey returns with an all-new menu featuring 12 new menu offerings to whet your appetite – plus a selection of all-time Village Whiskey favorites we have all been missing. When spring weather arrives, look for Village Whiskey to open up its sidewalk seating and streetery at the corner of 20th and Samson. Village Whiskey is located at 118 S. 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, located directly next door to Garces’ new Spanish wine shop Tinto Pintxo.

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