The Little Rebel – A Visit to the Betsy Ross House

How do we emerge victorious from the quagmire?
Leave the battlefield waving Betsy Ross’ flag higher?
– Hamilton

Growing up in the outskirts of Philly, I’ve experienced my fair share of school field trips to the city’s historical sites. The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to name a few. But I had never paid a visit to the Betsy Ross House. Shameful, really! I love to highlight all that our city has to offer, and was so grateful when a complimentary visit to Betsy’s home was offered to showcase.

We all know Betsy – the female Philadelphia icon who was a skilled upholsterer and artisan credited  with making the first American flag. But there’s so much more to her story for us to know, which you can discover at the Betsy Ross house. The Betsy Ross House is celebrating Women’s History Month with special events throughout March, including Storytelling Sundays and Tipsy History: The Little Rebel. The iconic site is the only place in Philly dedicated solely to telling the stories of Colonial women and their contributions to the nation, and embraces this month as a way to highlight even more women throughout history.

What You Need to Know:

  • Address: 239 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • Operating Hours: Friday – Monday, 10 am – 5 pm
  • Upcoming event: Tipsy History: The Little Rebel
  • Learn more: More information about Women’s History Month at the Betsy Ross House HERE.

Nearby restaurants for before or after your tour:

Stars & Stripes 
One of @amberella’s icon hearts. #LittleRebel heart 

Welcome to your virtual tour of the home:

A fact I was surprised to learn – it was a family secret for years that Betsy was the designer of the flag. Imagine all of the other hidden stories that we don’t know.
A supposed haunted room of the building

And last but certainly not least, the woman herself! We had the opportunity to interact with Betsy and also ask her questions. After this, we made our way to Betsy’s grave, which is located on the property. She’s buried alongside her third husband, John Claypoole.

Visiting the Betsy Ross house reinforced my love for this city, and how proud I am to live here. They’ve taken extra precautions to make your visit safe and enjoyable. May we continue to cherish our historical landmarks!

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