FemFocused: Artist Ehahn is set to release “Forget My Name”

Indie-alt artist Ehahn is set to release her newest single Forget My Name feat. Real Remy April 9th

Ehahn is a 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer from Chicago, who is currently based in Philly. She fell in love with music at a Taylor Swift concert in middle school and has been writing and playing instruments such as guitar, drums, bass, and cello ever since. Her first taste of performing was with her high school band, Wilde, that performed all around her home city. She is just getting started with releasing her own music, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s not ready to be heard by everyone.

Her single Forget My Name is about the type of relationship where the love is not reciprocated. They don’t really care about you until you move on and then all the sudden, they want you back, but it’s too late. In that situation you feel really vulnerable which you can feel in the verses with the soft and simple piano, but it can also make you really mad and frustrated which is represented by the heavy chorus. Check out Ehahn on Instagram and Twitter, and keep on reading for our interview:

Welcome! To start us off, tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m a nineteen year old artist from a suburb outside of Chicago. I go to Drexel in Philadelphia and am majoring in music industry with a focus in music production. I went to a Taylor Swift concert the summer after sixth grade and fell in love with the idea of writing and performing my own original music. That same summer I begged my parents for guitar lessons and have been writing and playing ever since. Lately I’ve also really gotten into fashion and photography.

Tell us about your new single, Forget My Name. I had the chance to give it a preview, and was really digging it.

Forget My Name is about the type of relationship where it feels like someone is just using you for attention and to have someone to fall back on. Like they don’t really care about you until you start to move on or lose interest and then all of the sudden they’re trying to get you back, but you finally decide its too late. When I was in that situation it made me feel really vulnerable and small because I kept going back to them, but also just pissed off because I knew I was being used. I really tried to work both of these feelings into the song.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my own life and from stories. I think most of my ideas start off as experiences or feelings I’ve had, but a lot of times they become influenced by stories I’ve heard. Everything from stuff my friends have told me about their lives to TV and movies. I use whatever I can think of in order to try and capture the feeling I’m trying to express.

As a woman in music, I would love to know what makes you feel strong when you’re performing. 

Performing is like one of my favorite things in the world. It’s a chance to claim and own your feelings in front of people. There’s no feeling more powerful than telling a piece of your story and having people relate to it and understand it.

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