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You’ve heard of Philly’s best pizza, best hoagie, and best cheesesteak…

But this summer, two girls are on a new mission…

And you can join them.

One of my best friends Tricia is famously the pickiest eater I know, with mozzarella sticks being a delicacy she actually enjoys. She had the idea we go on a mission this summer to find Philadelphia’s best mozz sticks this summer. Join us as we explore and discover the best Philly and the tri-state area has to offer, from diners, mom and pop shops and fast food chains. While I will be providing updates here on the blog, MUCH more in-depth reviews (read: cheese pulls) and commentary will be featured on my Instagram stories.

Judging criteria includes:

It is also important to note other factors:

Some other places on our list include (we will try our best to visit them all):

Please DO send us more recommendations. And if you’ve been safe and are vaxxed and would like to join us for a guest spot, applications are available now (by way of Instagram DM)!

Meet our first contenders:

Barnaby’s Havertown

We were pleasantly surprised by one of Delco’s finest institutions! While the crunch is excellent, they could be more flavorful in the breading. Still a tasty app overall.

Rating: 6.5/10


Our first chain experience of the competition. Now, there was some disagreement among our group of four. I found them to be less than edible, while others enjoyed. Do what you will with the rating below.

Rating: 5.5/10

The Green Room

The highest ranking one of this grouping. A+ for the newspaper presentation, which evokes that of a British pub. The group consensus was “good breading.”

Rating: 7.5/10

A recap of the current rankings:

1.) Green Room

2.) Barnaby’s

3.) Applebee’s

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