Person of Interest: Ferris

Philly born, Miami based punk Rock and model Ferris.

Coming out of Philadelphia, where he was a homeless rapper, recording out of his truck, artist and producer Ferris turned away from his stereotypes and decided to pursue punk. Being inspired by his older brothers, he puts his heart and soul into every song, to inspire and make an impact on his fans. Now located in Miami, Ferris is so powered by music, he started his own production company to shoot, edit, and direct music videos for musicians and editorials for models. Ferris released a pop punk single “Messing With Love” in March and just recently dropped ‘summer gurl,” which is a track off of his upcoming punk album ‘Love Letters’. 

You can find Ferris on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify. Keep on reading below for our interview.

You’ve already experienced so much in your life. What was it that kept you motivated to continue pursuing and making music? 

About 3-4 years ago, I was at the lowest point in my life. I was severely depressed. Having already attempted suicide at 17, I knew I didn’t want to die but I also knew I couldn’t live “like this” anymore. I blamed it all on trapping myself in my studio for years, trying to become the “next big thing” in music. So I said “f**k it & quit. I’m going to try living a life without music”. Mentally I felt much better after quitting. But after a short while, I realized how empty I was without creating new music. I started again after a month break and it was revolutionary. I promised myself never to take my music so seriously and to only make it for the right reason: because I love it.

Congrats on your new single, summer gurl! What was the process of creating this song like for you?

Thank you 🙏. Just like every other song I’ve created, all alone in my bedroom. But I was weirdly sitting on the floor, holding my microphone in one hand and a pop filter that I made from a dress sock in the other hand (Most of my studio equipment was at my other crib). But the barebones energy of it all translated into the music. I NEVER write my lyrics down, I always just sing whatever comes to mind straight into the microphone. So as soon as I heard the beat it reminded me of young love and I envisioned me jumping in and out girls windows to not get caught. That’s where the first couple lines were born and from there the lyrics and melodies just came soaring out.

In terms of music – what are you really looking forward to in the future?

All I want is to impact as many lives as humanly possible. I believe my life has purpose, so I’m not gonna stop until I’m on stage in front of thousands of people singing the lyrics to my songs. 

You’re now based in Miami, but are from Philly. If you could, could you share a favorite aspect of Philly?

Philly for me, was the starting ground/foundation for my music. It taught me to be tough. We were one of the only white families living on the block. So urban culture was all I knew. My favorite part of growing up on “Granite Street” was definitely the freestyle battles that kids would have on their front porches. As a young little white boy, I had to step up a little harder to fit in. It wasn’t easy at all, if I said the wrong thing while tapping I’d literally get spit on. But as you can see, I eventually got the hang of it 🙂

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