FemFocused: Janell Wysock, Fashion and Textile Designer, owner of Janell Wysock Textiles

It’s always a pleasure to interview and feature a Philly designer here on ze blog. Today, we’re welcoming textile designer Janell Wysock, who was recently named a 2021 Distinguished Alum of Moore College of Art and Design. She learned basic sewing from her Polish grandmother when she was a child. She would use scrap fabric to make clothes for my dolls, and she got started in textiles because of her love and fascination with textures, surfaces, and colors.

Janell’s work can be seen and purchased at the links below, be sure to give her a follow:

Janell gifted me this beautiful clutch, look at the detail work

Welcome Janell! I too love having color in my home. What draws you to vibrant colors, especially in home design?

The home is and should be a place of creativity, beauty, and comfort. For example, in my bedroom I have this big bright vibrant yellow curtain. It’s just so beautiful how the sunlight comes in and hits it in the morning. I love having all different colors of curtains all over my house. Color can be so uplifting and it really can create an energizing space. Homewares like pillows and curtains can always be changed and it’s so fun to play with
creating a totally different atmosphere.

Janell’s studio

What is your favorite part of the design process?

I love being in the space of exploration. I love exploring how I can bring previous techniques and classic processes to whatever it is I’m exploring. I’m constantly asking myself “what if I tried this process or technique in this new and innovative way?” Some of my most recent exploration in the studio have been around color, researching different natural dyes, and even starting a test vat of indigo. I want to translate our love of color into our products. People are so drawn to color and reach right for colorful pieces off the racks. Some of our newer products have been in direct influence of the pandemic. I have been working on ways of creating comfort in our homes, especially in regards to lounging or sitting. No matter what it is I am exploring, my products are always colorful, high quality, and functional.

Upcoming Class:

I am offering a six-week course (July 10th-August 14th from 2-4pm) called Traveling Tapestries about weaving through the lens of history. The goal of this class is to help students tap into their creativity, relax, and enjoy nature while learning about weaving techniques in an outdoor setting. There are so many health benefits to being outdoors, and also interacting with a social group. We will also be taking time to focus on mental health through breathing and meditation techniques to enhance the experience. Click here to learn more.

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