Philly Finds Vol. 32

Oomf – sooo how are we feeling after that game last night?

Guys, your girl is tired. This past week, I seemed to have been drained of all my energy and am sleeping way more than I usually do. I know Mercury is currently in retrograde so perhaps that’s the issue.


Philly – why aren’t we doing brunch at Bodega? Or maybe we are and I’m just finding out about it. Friends and I stumbled in for a bite and drinks, and enjoyed every bite and sip. If there’s a Cubano on the menu, you know what I’ll be ordering.


My friend Kerry and I got our roller girl fantasy on last week at the first Rewind at the Rink of the season, held at Rothman Rink at Dilworth Park. To book a session, visit the website here, where you can select your date and time slot to attend. After roller blading, we headed over to the Air Grille beer garden for a refreshment. Kerry and I were both pleasantly surprised at the prices of the menu items, considering how expensive they can be elsewhere .

Roller blading briefly had me considering joining a roller derby team, but then I remembered who I am and I thought “no <3” .


If a European eatery ambiance with Dua Lipa playing in the background is what you’re looking for, then Fiorella is your place. Only one year old, Fiorella has certainly established itself as the Italian restaurant to be at. And after my experience there I could certainly see why – from beginning to end it was excellent (make your reservation now). The menu is frequently changing, so my meal may be a bit different than yours.

The most perfectly made al dente rigatoni with sausage ragu. I’m going to attempt to recreate this.


Alas, another Flower Show has come and gone. This year’s theme was Habitat: Nature’s Masterpiece, which “explored the beauty of life through nature’s kaleidoscopic lens. Visitors explored exceptional beauty, learned from a diverse line-up of designers and leading horticulturalists, and entered a new gardener-centric experience that invites everyone at all skill levels to nurture a lifelong connection to plants and gardening.” It was a breathtaking experience, and I do hope they consider doing it outdoors again!

Jeff Leatham’s Habitat

Until next time friends! Have a fun weekend <3

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