Person of Interest: Kidd Kenn


“Nobody can stop me” – Kidd Kenn 

At only 18-years-old, Chicago-born rapper Kidd Kenn is poised for greatness. He is unapologetically himself; his energy is infectious, and his confidence even more so. His new EP titled Problem Child, is out now, which features Rico Nasty, Delli Boe and Dess Dior (I’m currently listening to B4 on repeat). His love of music began when began freestyling, and from there he knew he wanted to make music that makes people feel good and confident. As a self-proclaimed Barb, Kidd Kenn’s dream collaboration is with the queen herself Nicki Minaj. Something tells me this will be on his horizon.

Kidd Kenn has been featured in Teen Vogue  and PAPER, and has also worked with Rihanna for Fenty Beauty (he also has dreams of launching his own make-up brand).

As a Black, queer artist in a genre dominated by predominantly straight men, Kidd Kenn doesn’t need to dig deep when it comes to claiming his space in rap”

“When I walk in the room, all eyes on me. I don’t have to try hard to claim the spot, it’s already mine.”

He left us with these words of wisdom:

“Don’t try to be second place or third place, be the best.” 

Find Kidd Kenn on Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube. Kidd Kenn, I can’t wait to see you live and to see where you go.

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