Interkon releases new single Half Past Noon

Philly-based pop-punk band Interkon released their second single and music video, titled Half Past Noon, which is all about making sacrifices with friends, family, and relationships to make music a full time career. Coming out of Philadelphia, the three band members, Shep, JOZIE, Kult on a mission to change the industry in a positive way. Originally from New Jersey and Moscow, Russia, the boys have devoted themselves to music to do what it takes to be able to share their craft with the world. They are ready to inspire, be creative and be vulnerable with their fans

When shooting for the Half Press Noon music video, the band went on a road trip to Orlando. They wanted to physically film their journey as the track is about their “road trip” in the industry so far. With this visual, fans can really get to know each member’s personality and feel nostalgic.

You can find the band on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and keep on reading for our interview!

Tell us about the new single, Half Past Noon. What was the process like creating that song?

Kult: I believe we were all In Orlando at our friend Cams crib and as usual I just locked myself in the room once I had the piano part laid down everything else kinda came together quickly that nostalgic feel but also uplifting which fits the vibe when we go down to Florida. When we were back in Philly, Shep and JOZIE just dove right into it and absolutely crushed it as always and matched the vibe that I was going for!

Shep: Half past noon is an early morning for me, I don’t remember recording this one but it’s about thoughts I have when waking up – dealing with relationships and my lifestyle. Unfortunately where I’m from it’s not common, dedicating all of my time to music and the road, so relationships fall apart and chaos ensues but I’m ok with that.

JOZIE: The process for creating Half Past Noon was the same as most of our tracks. KULT stepped into overdrive and made the instrumental. The way those first notes came in really blew us away from the beginning. It had such a nostalgic/ easy to listen sound. Shep immediately started coming up with lyrics and flows and then I filled in some different energy where it was needed and it all came together perfectly. All three of us just worked off each other to then have a full track done we all felt really good about.

In terms of music – what are you really looking forward to in the future? 

Kult: I think in terms of music, I just want to keep progressing, breaking the rules and trying different things– blending genres and just making great songs that help us express our own emotions and hopefully help people cope with theirs!

Shep: The music we’ve been working on with each other and a lot of our homies in the EDM world is exciting, almost annoying how none of it is out yet, but it’s part of the process and gives me something to look forward to.

Jozie: Really looking forward to the effect of the music on the fans. Listening on their own as well as them coming to our shows and listening live. We’re all really big on sharing good vibes and influencing fun, how we know best is through our music.

What should we be on the lookout for from you next?

Kult: Well we have a few more songs to release before the rest of the album comes out and we’ve been working super hard on new music so expect a lot of new, different refreshing stuff as well and hopefully some live shows will be coming in around August end of July! 

Shep: Covid restrictions are dropping so shows are back. We are working hard to get out there and start performing, we’ve done a few performances locally and down in Orlando but we’ve yet to have a full set with the full band so if you like the tunes stay tapped in with us to see where we are next. 

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