Have yourself a seat at Her Place Supper Club

“Camille. I have a time sensitive question for you,” my friend Amanda texted me. When you receive such a text from a woman of the world like Amanda, it could mean anything. Newly acquired concert tickets at Union Transfer. Information on the location of an underground experimental art show. An invitation from a new friend to go on their private jet.

In this case, it was an enticing, last-minute dinner reservation to Her Place Supper Club, a pop-up restaurant by chef Amanda Shulman.

In the case of Her Place, it certainly is a “run, don’t walk” situation. I’ll drop the deats below on how to snag your spot, and other items you need to know:

The website describes it as follows:

“Kind of like a restaurant but kind of like a dinner party. A summer not-restaurant for a future restaurant. Menus change weekly, sometimes daily, sometimes a la minute need be (let’s avoid this one @ me). I can’t wait to feed you! BYOB!!!”

And I could not wait to eat.

We entered what was once a deserted pizzeria, and were welcomed into a space that was transformed to feel like a friend’s dining room. The menu is always changing, and the theme of this dinner was inspired by Shabbat dinner (we ended the evening with her grandmother’s Shabbat sprinkle cookies).

While it is BYOB, a watermelon cocktail was available as an additional item. A toast with Val, Amanda and Kristen.
First course: radishes, butter, radish top knots, beets and deviled eggs. I neglected to photograph the other parts of the first course, which was a refreshing and tasty chilled clams and zucchini escabeche, and mortadella-stuffed zucchini flowers with tapenade
Second course: ricotta rotolo and roasted cherry tomatoes (aka a sexy lasagna, as described by chef)
Roasted Cornish hen & sides
The remnants of dessert – blueberry chocolate semifreddo cake

It was also our friend Kristen’s birthday, and chef Shulman was kind enough to turn all of the lights off, as the entire restaurant sang happy birthday in unison.

Happy birthday Kristen!

After a year of little-to-no social interaction, warm, welcoming things like Her Place are exactly what we need. We had the pleasure of being able to watch Chef Shulman prepare every meal and go into detail about each dish before it was served. Part of the experience was admiring her expertise, which made enjoying her incredible meals all that more impressive and memorable. A force to be reckoned with, indeed.

Again, run don’t walk to Her Place Supper Club.

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