Philly’s Tea Head set to release new album

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Philly-rooted band, TEA HEAD, share their new album “Bachelor” via Free Dive Records. It was recorded throughout 2020-21 at Little Brother Audio in West Philly and produced/mixed by Vic Antonio and produced/mastered by Tyler Ripley. Despite recording the album during a global pandemic and having to wear masks in the studio until they could be vaccinated, the band members still managed to inspire each other and capture the instrumental interplay that Tea Head fans have come to expect.

“Bachelor” is a ten-track journey through the inner thoughts of the band members. The music includes a mix of psychedelia, beach indie, and classic rock influences. The album’s themes center around the universal experience of trying to understand one’s place in the world. Songs such as “Calico” and “Dip My Toes” address this theme directly; both songs are about the struggle of not knowing what’s coming next in life.

“As a young person, we have immense pressure on us from the age of 13 to figure out what we want to do and [to] start making a plan to get there,” said guitarist and lead singer John Fordyce about the meaning behind “Dip My Toes”. He continued, “but it’s really hard to find the time to focus and make that happen, when you also have to take care of your mental health, financial situations, relationships, and stuff like that.”

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How does it feel to have your debut album finished?! With the pandemic, I’m sure you faced a lot of challenges to overcome. 

How did you all come to meet and form Tea Head?

Is there a backstory behind the name Tea Head? 

What makes Philly a great music town in your eyes? 

What should we be on the lookout for from you next? 

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