Philly Finds Vol. 37

Pulse check on everyone right now – how are you doing? Seemingly everything has been especially heavy as of recent. My world view has been unsurprisingly extremely pessimistic the past week or so. I’ve been spending more than my usual amount on social media (which is already too much time) and it’s been taking a toll. Writing and even working on this post has put me in an much state, and this is your reminder to take care of yourself in whatever way is best for you <3

I’ve heard several stories of people, businesses and families impacted by the flooding and tornados around the Philly-area. If there are any GoFundMe or support websites set up to help those affected, please send them my way to share.

And if you’re new to these parts, welcome to Philly Finds, a series where I highlight the things I’m loving around Philly. You can check out past Philly Finds here. And if you enjoy pop culture takes, music, and personal writings, then I have a sneaking suspicion you might enjoy my weekly newsletter.


I am constantly in awe of Conrad Benner aka Streets Dept. He always has his finger on the pulse of all things Philly, and is constantly creating and sharing. If you would like to support his work, I highly recommend joining the Streets Dept Patreon. Conrad recently shared several new art installations around the Gayborhood/East Market area, so I ventured to find them for myself.

By NDA Street Art, right behind McGillans
By Quinha, in East Market
Contrafuerte by Miguel Antonio Horn. In between 12th and 13th on Cuthbert


Double Knot’s happy hour continues to remain unmatched. Every day from 4pm–7pm enjoy discounted menu items, including their Kimchi fried rice which is one of the best things you may ever consume. They also make a perfect dirty martini, if that’s your thang.

& something that made my smile…

While taking a walk around my neighborhood, I noticed what you see below. A cute, creative soul had filled in several sidewalk cracks with mosaics. I ended up submitting this photo to the NOW IS GOOD Moment’s for Now series, it felt appropriate.

More Philly odds n’ ends:



If you’re looking to up your undergarment game, look no further than Parade. Use code milliephanatic for 20% off a first purchase of Parade <3

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